No matter how hard you try to avoid it, there’re still times when you’re stressed. The stressful days. These days are more or less like day and night, they will come when they will. So, striving to limit their occurrence may not totally wise except you couple that with the knowledge of how to manage stress.

And truly, stress can be managed!

I mean you can successfully manage stress within your own home. All you need is just some time off the usual stuff and the magic is done.

But first of all you must so very much understand your own body. Take it, nothing makes managing stress easier than that.

Then you need some little time – which of course is always at your disposal after the day’s work – and an active mind.

With all these in place you’re good to go.

So, come with me into the world of modern stress management skills.  The hands-on skills that help you deal with the attendant stress of today’s world.

1.        Go soapy

You may be surprise this is included. But the fact remains that the skin is the largest sense organ. And the whole of your external body is connected to your brain via nerve endings that are attached to the skin.

When you soak yourself in cold or hot scented water, depending on the weather situation, your skin sends anti-tension messages to the brain. And the brain transmits same to the muscles. This process brings quick reliefs of different degrees depending on the type of bath used.

A hot tub bath (Jacuzzi) or Turkish bath will definitely work wonders. But if you have the luxury of being in a sauna, you got it all under control.

2.        Get a massage

This is not just about the skin. It is about your whole being. It penetrates deep into the muscles and soothes all your aches.

As a matter of fact, massages are internationally acknowledged wonderfully anti-stress dose. When you’re stressed, knotted muscles sprout in different part of your body. This condition manifests as aches or mild pains.

These aches distract you and perniciously gnaw at your nerves.

But with a deep slow massage, you have no worries. Your muscles will be unknotted and your mind at rest.

3.        Meditate

Your mind is a sacred chamber, you don’t have to give just anything access to it. As the sole determiner of your mental health level. Your physical well-being can only thrive when your mental well-being is in top form. So why not use your mind positively and bring about a healthy mind.

Research results have shown that meditation helps us to rest and recover from stress.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is what makes a healthy person.

4.        Watch movies

Create time to watch those rib cracking comedies again. That is if you’re a fan of comedies. If not, there is a plethora of DVDs that can serve your purpose(s).

And there is no mentioning online streaming services too. Even if you’re in a country with a stringent internet censorship, you can still have a seamless access through the likes of Getflix. They hold the key to the door of online liberty.

Well, you just have to be nice to yourself. Don’t be too rigid. Be flexible and dynamic.

If at any point in time you’re so lucky sleep comes knocking, please don’t hesitate to open the door and embrace it.