I am not a huge fan of change. I kind of like my comfort zone. Even if it is not the best environment, it is predictable. I love predictability. I love being able to know what is going to happen. For many years in my corporate job the number one rule I insisted my assistants understand was that I did not like to be blind sighted. Even they would tell you predictability is pretty high up on my list of “must haves” in life. 

However, as much as I hate change. It is inevitable. It will happen. It is part of life. There is nothing, and yes, I mean nothing we can do to change that. My old boss used to say to me “the only consistent thing in life is change.” He was right. That is predictable. Change will come. Most of the time when we least expect it. It is up to us if we roll with it or we resist. Change doesn’t really care. It is going to happen either way. We can like it or hate it. 

As we turned over the calendar to September this week. I had to marvel at how quick this year has gone by, yet how slow it has seemed at times too. The chaotic sense of change that has precedented 2020 has been a record-breaking year for sure. With September, I always go and treat myself to a pumpkin spice latte (yeah, I am one of those gals). Also, I like to think about bonfires and hoodies (by now you are probably rolling your eyes and stereotyping me).  I do like the season change and the leaves how they change into beautiful colors. It always reminds me that change can be beautiful when we don’t fight it. When we let go and enjoy it. It is meant to happen. Without change we would not evolve into the better version of ourselves that change brings to us. Without the leaves changing colors we would not see them fall off so that new ones could replace them in the spring. Change happens for a reason. I know, I know, we hear that line a lot. It is worn out much like the one people use that “all things happen for a reason,” but truth is…it is true. We might be in the middle of a change that we did not want to happen. We might resist that truth, but it is still there. It happened because it needed to happen. For reasons we might understand now, we might see them later or we might never understand because they were part of a larger picture. 

Change happens. The beautiful crisp weather of fall reminds us that change can be beautiful. We just need to appreciate it more. We need to quit fighting it. We need to look at it and remind ourselves that it is there for a reason. Embrace it because it is bringing us a new cycle of life seasons that we are now ready for. Change will always either be arriving or leaving. The cycles of life will always be revolving. We can enjoy them or be miserable. It is up to us. 

I am going to go put on my cute oversized hoodie, grab me a pumpkin spice latte and sit by the bonfire. I am going to go enjoy the season of change and remind myself that the changes I am seeing happen in my own life right now are part of that beauty. That beauty of evolving into a new cycle of life seasons for myself. Grab you a hot apple cider if you have some prejudice to the pumpkin spice latte group, pull you on a hoodie and come join me…let’s enjoy this season of change together.