As a project manager, are you still chasing your team for project time tracking?

Every employer knows that time tracking is very important for productivity. But it always depends on the employees to make it transparent.

What isn’t tracked can’t be measured or improved!

As per the report of statistica, an untracked working environment could cost $7 million in a day in the USA.

And why do they not want to time-track? They say..

  • it will be time-consuming
  • gathered information are not useful
  • they think management is spying
  • their poor performance will be highlighted
  • their work cannot be sufficiently measured
  • and many more excuses

Painful isn’t it?

Still, we can motivate the employees to track time and can enable its benefits for personal and professional growth.

Let’s start with;

What is time tracking?

Simply put, time tracking is a mechanism that project managers and employers use to track the work of their team members for multiple purposes. Like billing, payroll, operations, etc.

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