When children travel, or go on trips, there is a different experience for them. For one, there is the fantasy of even going to another place. What must it be like? What will we see? There is a curious factor, which arises in them. Its so powerful that it can remind adults of their own inner children; inviting us into the level of excitement that they see. Should we decide to join them in this journey, we are given the opportunity to re-live those childhood adventures. If we accept their invitation, we are can re-experience the wonders of life’s adventures. Furthermore, we are presented the option of being able to practice how we live our lives in the way of children; even with adult responsibilities.

Whether we are educators or parents, traveling with small children has its challenges. The preparation, the packing, and making sure that we stay together. Lunches, snacks, water, and everything else becomes essential. Planning and preparation can be stressful on its own. However, what is important is to not allow the stress to take the energy and anticipation when getting there, and when the trip begins. Keeping that high level energy, as children do when they know they are going on a special, travel journey. Whether its to another country, or to a local trip, here are a few tips that can assist you in keeping your child’s eye thinking, in tact.

* Create An Art Project Prior To Leaving

Get together with your child, children, or students, and create a treasure for one specific location you are targeting. Teach them about fun facts, using pictures, fun videos, and other things relating to the destination. That way they are familiar with the area. Have them color and design art work of famous places and sites. Watch how excited they become when they observe real-life visuals of what they learned. Plus, you’re able to participate in the fun.

* Get Children On Board In Helping to Plan A Few Activities For the Trip

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It is so much fun for children when they feel they are included in the planning of the adventure. Talk to them about things they would like to experience. Allow them to choose a few activities, and the days for when they will do them. Children become even more excited about the trip when they feel they have a say.

* Play Travel-Themed Dress Up With The Kids

Who says that dressing up as a fictional character is only for children? Who says that playing “make-believe” is only for children? If you want to choose a day to be explorers, for a day, be explorers. If you decide to be pirates, be pirates. Whatever theme that connects to travel, by all means, dress up. Just think about it, you get to be a kid again.

* Learn Certain Words Of A Foreign Language With The Children

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Of course, you are not going to be fluent overnight. However, at least you get to begin with the elementary level in studying a foreign language. Learning it with children means you also become more relaxed, mentally. Perhaps, you even retain the language, better?

* Picture Taking Before, During, and After The Trip

One of the highlights of traveling with children is capturing the entire process. Whether it is recording or taking pictures, make sure that you document your trip. Not only does it ease any stress you may encounter, but it also allows you to laugh and have fun. Getting rid of the unease through fun. Plus, when that adventure is finished, you can laugh it off, together.

* Play!

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Yes! Play on the playground. Swing on the swings, and have fun with the kids in whatever recreational facility, or play area, there is in your destination. It is fun and you get to experience more adventures of childhood. I don’t mean just stand and chaperone the kids. Get in there and really be a kid! Don’t underestimate the amount of fun you can have.

* Engage In An Art Project That Is From the Local Area

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Its one thing to do art that is familiar. Its another to do one that is from a different culture. Which means that just as the children, you, too, are learning. Its a new experience for the both of you. If its bead work, a kind of weaving, a new form of ceramics, or whatever is produced from that particular community, simply participate, and become a child, all over again.

https://travelbulgaria.news/games-surprises-free-museums-day-children/; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

What is phenomenal about children is how they have the power to make travel easier, if we allow it. They can come to ease your mind, and bring balance to your emotional state, when taking off to another city or land. Allow yourself to learn from them. When it comes to travel adventures, children have a lot of things to teach the realm of adulthood. Learn from the children, and allow your inner child to lead the way.

(Source: www.freepik.com)
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