It is never a good thing to hear tales of how multinational companies are overworking people or how staff are laid off if they do not put in the works for long hours. Having a team of workaholic staff is not an indication of success. In fact it just shows you that you are about to fail. And failing you will.

The world health organization has already reported how overworking your staff could lead to all sorts of medical problems such as stroke and heart problems. Your staff are also going to be unmotivated and the values of your company do not show in their workmanship. They will just be a team of machines who are working their butts off to see the next pay day. They have sold their souls to the devil and to get their pay, they just have to continue serving the demon.

Your customers are also not going to like it. No client in their right mind want to visit a grumpy sales representative. They will have no nice story to tell about it. The service will be poor and hurried because the worker has a long queue to attend and has not caught enough rest the previous night. And what will be the result. Total disaster.

In this article therefore, I explore strategies that any organization that is poised for success should adopt if at all they want to reap the benefits of having nice hardworking workers. Lets look into it:

Have paid leaves

America is notorious for not having paid leaves for most of her workers. Most organizations will not allow you to take an annual 21 days leave from your work station. Not unless you are being unpaid. This comes to bite the organization in the back at the end.

So that they can continue to be paid, most workers therefore are not going to take this leave. They will continue working despite how tired and fatigued they are. If you have ever been served by a fatigued person, then you know really well the quality of work they can do. They are never good in it. They will just serve you so that they can be paid.

Organize relaxing vacations for the staff

You could organize for nice vacations where all your staff go out and have fun while at the same time letting off steam after all they have done at work. Such a week would be great so that if anyone is fatigued they can get back to work in good shape. A nice place to do this could be the Schloss Neuschwanstein which is a nice castle in Germany that is awe-inspiring and relaxing to be in.

Build the team spirit through team building activities

For great workmanship in an organization, you want all your staff working  as one.  Every worker should gel in with each other. To get this, you need to organize team building activities to fun places where everyone is going to enjoy themselves as well as engage in group activities that bring everyone together.