We’ve all been there. Paid for a fresh pedicure, and within a week feel like we need to get back to the nail technician for a foot revitalization. With summer winding down, kids going back to school, and weekend football games, who has time to get to a pedicure every week or two? 

Save time and money, as well as keeping your feet looking great and ready for any event that comes your way, with these 7 tips to extend the life of your pedicure.

  • Exfoliate – Many of us use a facial exfoliation product, but have you considered using it on your feet? Use once or twice daily (morning and night) to keep your heels looking fresh and revitalized every day.

  • Reapply Top Coat – Your top coat can wear off fast, especially if you are active, so keep your toes looking shiny by reapplying a top coat every three or four days. This can help prevent chipping and keep your polish in top condition in between visits.

  • Moisturize – Step out of the shower, dry your feet, and apply a good moisturizer to your feet and heels. Water dries out the feet quickly, so protect your skin with a moisturizer. I prefer to use a pharmaceutical aloe-based product.

  • Wear Socks – I know it is still summer, and most of us love open-toed sandals or are still bouncing around in flip flops, however these shoes offer no protection. Not only do socks protect the skin and help keep your feet moisturized, keeping your toes out of the elements can extend the life of your polish.

  • Add Oil – Applying cuticle oil daily can help keep you less prone to cracks or dry skin.

  • Smooth It Out – Invest in a pumice stone and add it to your daily shower routine. By rubbing the heels and callouses, you can prevent an every two-week mandatory spa maintenance visit.

  • Take Your Own Polish – When you do go for your pedicure, take your own polish. Many nail salons try to extend the life of their polishes, and therefore are not fresh. Take your own polish to have newer/fresher polish that will last longer.