Scoop an armload of stars and place around the top of head; illuminating crown. Notice signals from all senses and dissolve inside of them.

Turn the finer dots of vibrating, pulsing energies of the mind into bigger, rounder circles as they travel down this glorious body.

Soften focus and the space behind the eyes. A veil of vapor collects to soothe and insulate. Agree to let go the reins and feel tingling tightness loosen its grip on inner landscape. Outward coiling unfolds.

Dunk a dipper into warm honey and dive in for a swim. Drench yourself in the sweetness; balmy and pleasant. Drift, drift… breathe. Each breath vast and wide. Boundless beyond infinity. A sense of spaciousness infused throughout.

Bones are made of sticks and stones. Somewhere between Earth and Ether heart and breath pulsate into rhythmic waves.

Just at the precipice of letting go control, fall backward into ecstatic calm.

Trust and allow.