The last quarter of the year is the perfect time to realign! Here are 6 things to do NOW to create your next step forward!

1. Curate a history of firsts: The first time you do anything is exhilarating and edgy. It is also the unknown, a place that many of us steer ourselves away from. Reverse engineer that idea and challenge yourself to generate a series of first time experiences. They do not have to be epic in scope, only new and empowering. Something as simple as wearing red lipstick for the first time or visiting a new state or country can be enough of a recharge to up energy and set the tone for a more genuine and playful connection to yourself in the future. Take the energy boost from your history of firsts and repurpose it on a project you are stuck on or use it to revamp an idea or solidify a relationship.

How can an unknown first experience jumpstart what is next for you?

2. Set your sights on 2019: A new year may have all the ingredients of what is next, but why wait until the calendar turns? NOW is the perfect time to fall into and begin the small ½ steps toward the dreams and goals you want to realize in 2019. Write a success list of what you most want to accomplish in the next year from the vantage point of having already accomplished it.

What can you do NOW that will make that list a reality? Begin.

3. Create a ritual to celebrate the wins: On the last day of the month take a personal inventory. What worked this month? Every win, every success…even the tiny ones… represents your personal growth. If something did not work out as anticipated, what did you learn from that? Gather your wins and reward yourself with a mini celebration. Perhaps it is an investment in training or a new assistant, or maybe you are putting together a night out with your friends to just pause and refuel. Have a “reward” in mind as you move from the end of one month into the abyss of the next one. Give yourself permission to be happy about what went well and to use what did not go well as a springboard for change. This mini celebration will support you in staying focused and centered on what you CAN do now.

What are you most proud of in this moment?

4. Build a reputation with YOU. The promises you make to yourself are not simply a story you tell—they are a story that you live. If you have been setting goals, resolutions, and business plans for yourself that do not stick, then it is time to come clean and to keep the promises that you make. The single longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Caring about what other people think is far less important than honoring your heart and your mind. So, this fall, listen to YOU. Your intuition is your truth, use it to build trust with yourself. Stay in the conversation with yourself on the personal and professional things that matter the most to you. Set up a meeting with yourself to review your progress. In order to lead others, even your own kids, you need to authentically lead yourself. Find your inner voice and own it!

What would be different for you if you used that voice daily?

5. Seek solutions: That sounds simple! Not! It is far more common for us to focus on problems and what we cannot do. If you are solution focused you are today focused. Solutions are the pathway toward what you most want in life, so rather than avoid them…step into them. Living a solution focused life is one filled with gratitude, purpose, in the moment energy, happiness, and overall problem solving. Your solutions are active in today…all you need to do is identify them!

What do you need to do to get the result that you want? Hint: It is one decision away.

6. Reposition purpose. Your purpose shifts and changes over time just like you do. It is a soul blueprint, a roadmap toward living your legacy and expanding your business and your life. If you are feeling overwhelmed or under elated, chances are your purpose is something that you have not checked in with recently. It is common to recycle what you have always done…yet as the saying goes…then you tend to get what you have always gotten. What got you to today in your business and what brought you to this moment in your personal life may not be what gets you through it. Use this visual to reboot: Think of a bridge. Picture that bridge spanning out in front of you offering you the opportunity to cross it. There is NOTHING in your way.

How do you get to the other side? What are the steps that you need to take to move you forward? If nothing stands in your way, what does that free you to do?

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