You ever wonder why certain people can control a room?

It is like magic watching someone move a group with their message online or in person. Lasting success comes from commanding attention through communication. You can learn to command attention by mastering the principles of fascination.

You can control a room, an audience, or a crowd with your message. It doesn’t matter if you have a terrible voice, you’re a worse writer, or don’t believe you have anything interesting to say.

How is this possible? Simple. You use the Fascination Principle.

The Fascination Principle

Fascination is what transforms a good story into a great one. You ever wonder why great long movies are easy to remember while bad short ones are easily forgotten?

Simple. Your interest and attention are directed through the Principle of Fascination.

How does it work?

Listeners have mental barriers to messages. People hate being sold, told what to think or being distracted. Think about the last time a salesperson came on to you to strongly. The feeling they give you is off putting.

The Fascination Principle removes barriers between the speaker and the listener. Masters of fascination bypass these barriers by using key tactics to capture and keep attention.

Do you want to be fascinating? You can. To do so you have to:

Provide your audience a benefit.

Benefits fascinate listeners. Think about all of the lists of ‘life hacks’ you love to read. Even if you don’t benefit from them you are fascinated by the solutions their benefits provide.

A great benefit is like a great story, we want to hear more.

Quick note:A great story needs more than the message to keep our attention just like you need more than benefits to be fascinating.

You Need More Than Benefits

Great speakers and great teachers do the same thing, they teach. They do the same thing but great speakers get paid 10X more than teachers. Why? Great speakers mastered how to be relatable.

-Relatability cuts a path through resistance.

-Relatable material is easier to use, employ, and remember.

Below i’ve shared a quick start guide to triggering subconscious cues to become fascinating.

How To Fascinate: A Quickstart Guide

You can use these three techniques to capture attention EVERY DAY.

These techniques will get anyone to listen and remember your message anywhere and anytime!

1)The Nod:

I learned this as a stage hypnotist.

– While someone is talking lightly nod your head in agreement-

Do the same when you are talking to them.

Nodding in agreement triggers the person (or audience’s) subconscious to agree with you.

2)Be Relatable:

Making your message relatable will get ANY point across.

Relatability is why speakers command six figures and teacher struggle to get by.

Being relatable removes hidden biases people have about age, race and gender.

The people who do this best include personal stories and experiences in their speaking and writing. This helps readers and listeners see you as someone like them.

We are programmed subconsciously to listen to stories. A great narrative bypasses mental barriers and delivers a message right in to your listener’s mind.

Pro-Tip:Match your story or experience to the topic at hand. Don’t try to push the conversation or content out of context to get a point across.

3) Say more while speaking less:

Make sure you get the ONE message you need to take action.

Presenting information concisely transforms how listeners and readers perceive you. Clarity and conciseness signals the listener’s minds to create social proof.

Key Takeaway:

Fascination is a powerful tool. Anyone can be fascinating using these three simple techniques.

What one thing could you do today to become more fascinating in your next email, proposal or conversation?

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Originally published at on October 3, 2016.

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