Abundance. It’s a feeling I consciously try to tap in daily. It was one of my Desire Map’s exercises: simple assessing how do I want to feel, and let my goals shape around that

how do you want to feel?

Abundance is a big one for me. Abundance is something that has been very much hyped up recently, as a byproduct of being grateful about things in our life.

I believe that in order to truly feel abundant, a list of things you are grateful for is a great start – yet simply not enough.

Let me give you an example here

I currently find myself in a very secure position right now, financially and emotionally. Yet, in the last nine months I felt in a position of lack, pretty much constantly. On a professional level I was chasing business and constantly pushing, taking on any opportunity I could swing to get by.

This period lasted for much longer than I’d like to admit – and with that, the overall feeling of lack and “poverty” kicked in

As now things are on the rise, I would imagine my mindset would catch up with it – yet that fear was still deeply engraved in me (yes, I felt a massive knot on my throat just writing that).

We have these preconceptions around what makes us feel abundant. It may be money, it may be business sales or a big house.

Yes, you can be financially free without working harder

Yet, to truly feel abundant (even when things are crumbling around us) we need to ask ourselves what abundance means to us.

To me, true abundance equals to time to do the things I really love

Time to complete my todos. Time to write every day 5,000 words. Time to get out in nature every single day.

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Truth is, the wealth and security you need in order to be more and more abundant become a way to achieve that feeling if abundance.

I am a sucker for goals, I truly am, but I do not let them define how I feel about my accomplishments anymore.

Now that I know what abundance looks like to me, I can make sure I create opportunities for me to feel it every day.

Follow three simple steps to get clear about your intentions

  1. Make sure your gratitude list is in sync with your needs: if I want to feel like I have more time, I make sure I thank the Universe for the moments I can cherish writing, rolling in the grass, or cooking a meal from scratch. I tune in my gratitude with how I want to feel (and go as far as feeling grateful for boredom!)
  2. I create ways to feel abundant every day: here is where I am asking you to find something specific to you. I invested in a new app to be able to write on the go and make the most of the time I spend outside (instead of scrolling mindlessly Instagram), and I make sure I hit my goal of 5,000 words per day.
  3. I stop myself from setting up too many rules: a say to block your stream of abundance is putting up too many barriers. As writing is my way to feel truly fulfilled, I make sure I mainly write about what I want to write about, letting myself jump from article to article, without creating too many rules around it. This truly allows me to feel free and keep it flowing

A quick note on fear

Do not shy away from your fears. Voice them and forgive yourself if needed. It’s important for you to be honest about your fears, and be able to write them down, share them with a friend or burn them during the new moon. Letting go does not mean ignoring the fears, but honouring them and moving past them.

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if you can truly define what makes you feel abundant, you can find abundance regardless of what life throws at you

I can tell you, as I write sitting down in a field, surrounded by trees and deers, that most times the simplest questions are the most powerful.

Let me ask, once more:

how do you want to feel?