Do you feel like you used to be this fun, cool, and curious kid, and then somehow, with time, you became this boring adult? 

It seems like the definition of adult life. 

And I get it.

That’s the price of admission to get those professional jobs, work with serious clients, get stuff done. It’s the standard road to adulting – at least that’s what we grew up believing. That’s what our parents’ lives looked like. That’s what schools prepared us for. That’s what all of our friends are doing.

So all of these people can’t be wrong. Or can they?

But I had a hunch that we overdo it sometimes.

Especially when we have to show everyone that we’re good enough. Project authority. Show up always prepared. Well-groomed. Mature. Yada yada yada.

Been there, done that.

Like so many others, I got sucked into a serious corporate job, waiting for the weekend to live my life. And when the weekend showed up, I was too tired to do anything more exciting than Netflix and laundry. 


Same old same old

I finally went on a well-deserved vacation, where I tried amazing things that made me feel alive again.

And when I was sitting at the airport to fly back home, I said, “I wish we didn’t have to go back! I’m going to quit this one day!”

And then I decided I DIDN’T WANT TO WAIT FOR ONE DAY. 

Instead, I boarded the plane toward the sunrise of my new life.

I challenged myself to try 100 new things (including floating pods, meditating at 4 am, and snow tubing), and it was THE BEST thing I could have done! I started documenting my challenge on a blog and social media, and I realized I’m not the only one refusing to become another boring adult. 

And here’s what I learned!

1. Trying New Things seems like a trivial thing to do, but it can change your life.

I can’t even describe how trying new things expanded my mind, made me dare more, and loosen up.
Because doing something you’ve never done before not only feels freaking awesome, it’s also oh-so-good for you.

And it comes down to 3 huge benefits:

  • IT BUILDS COURAGE & CONFIDENCE: Every time you try something new, you expand your comfort zone, and what you thought you’re capable of. Sometimes it involves overcoming fears or challenges, and that builds confidence. Like I wasn’t sure that I could brave the cold Canadian lake in the Polar Bear Dip on the New Year Day. But once I did it, I started thinking that was too easy. The next time, I need to swim in the water for at least a minute. 
  • IT MAKES YOU GROW: From simply gaining more experience, through learning more about yourself, to creating new connections in your brain. Honestly, I haven’t tried a thing that wouldn’t teach me something. And the things that didn’t go so well were the lessons I remember the most. The awful experience of skin analysis opened my eyes to how the beauty industry is manipulating women’s self-worth.
  • IT’S FUN! Trying new things makes you happier, spontaneous, and less tense. And we all could use some more of that. So, listen to the new music, grab that fruit you have no idea how to eat, run straight into that splash pad like you’re an 8-years old.
Trying New Things

Now that you know how awesome trying new things can be, it’s time to talk about why so many people are not doing it.

2. Trying New Things is for anyone (even if you’re not brave or don’t have time)

When I had my wake-up moment at the airport, I realized that for years, I was just going through the motions like I was half-asleep. And when I finally woke up, I wanted to make up for it and DO ALL THE THINGS.

But jumping in headfirst is not a solution.

Like the New Year’s resolutions – I’ll only eat healthily, go to the gym every day, and quit all the wine today. You know the drill. 

And it doesn’t work. 

Either the fears take over, or it’s just too much to keep doing it over a long time. And let’s be honest – we can be pretty good with coming up with answers to justify those fears. 

I don’t have the time.

I’m too old for that. 

I’m not brave.

– The list is long. 

And most of the time, it’s either the fear or our self-limiting beliefs talking.

The solution? Start SMALL! 

Start with what feels comfortable. And take it from there. Baby steps and time lead to huge leaps. 

Trust me. I didn’t start big right away. 

I went through a career coaching program and created my exit strategy way before jumping into the unknown waters of entrepreneurship. We planned & prepared for our move out of the country for a year. I was taking cold showers regularly for months before I braved that Polar Bear dip.

Starting small is the trick.

Okay, let’s talk a bit more about those fears

Start Small

3. Fears don’t have to hold you back

I asked women on my social media what’s holding them back from trying new things. And the answer was pretty clear: FEARS. 

Specifically, three kinds of fears:

  • Fear of FAILURE
  • Fear of JUDGEMENT

Well, yeah, trying new things comes with risks. And let me tell you right away: 

  • Most likely, you won’t be good at it right away. I mean – you’ve never done it before.
  • It probably won’t go exactly as you think it would. It may feel awkward. 
  • And people will judge you. 

But don’t let it stop you!


Because the truth is: 

  • Life doesn’t tend to go exactly as you plan, even if you don’t do anything new. 
  • You may fail & feel awkward, even if you keep the same routines. And who said that failing is a bad thing? It’s not school anymore. So give yourself permission to fail. 
  • People judge you anyway, don’t let it get into your head! And you may as well just live a little!
  • Also, all fears have a cost. What is the price you pay for not going after that thing you want to do? Being tired of the same boring stuff? Not knowing if you could have pulled it off? Giving up on fun? Think about it.
don't let fear stop you

My journey of trying new things is far from over. But more than anything, what I really want is people getting out the rut and enjoy their adult life filled with curiosity and playfulness.

So are you ready to give trying new things a try? 

Did you just nod your head?

Think about all the things you’ve been putting off for a while. Maybe it’s visiting somewhere new, signing up for a class, or creating something you’ve been dreaming of. Everyone has their list. Set a date & just do it. 

I’m pretty sure you’ll like this fun part of you to wake up again!