Feeling good is not easy. It is not something automatic to us. But if you look into the inner you, the joyous and cheerful side of yourself. Sure, you have it in you.  Every single day, we are faced with a lot and all forms of stress, it is as if it is not going to end and in continuous cycle, but ever wonder why at the end of the day, we always wear that very positive smile that is contagious to the people around us? It is because we are wired to be and apparently, innate in us to have a positive outlook in life. So how to be more positive and feel good? Share it. Share the joy, share the positivity, share the good message that you got from your boss to your family and friends. Share that good news you received from the hospital saying you are free to do a strenous activity for your fitness goals. Share that goal from your business that you recently hit with applause from your dearest mentor. Share that birthday gift to your loved-one that has been waiting for many years. Whatever it is, be the most generous person who you ever know, give it to the whole world. Show up your humanity with positivity.