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Feeling great about yourself is a challenge—people are constantly bombarded with negative messages and imagery, from advertising and social media.

Plus, the world is often on fire—in some unfortunate cases, quite literally—which can make it difficult to feel upbeat about the future, let alone about yourself.

We look at a few ways you can feel great about yourself on a daily basis.

Find Humour in Life

Yes, there are serious and terrifying events happening all around us. But that doesn’t mean that we need to add to the doom and gloom.

Having a laugh when things are looking awful isn’t a crime—in fact, it can make you feel so much better about yourself and your circumstances.

Take some time away from learning how to create a timeline to read a few jokes online, or to watch funny cat videos on YouTube. They have a wonderful effect on your brain and your attitude.

Don’t Compare Yourself

The world we live in currently is built on pitting people against each other. Not only does the media constantly compare celebrities, or events, but people are asked to compare themselves to others.

And social media does have a large part to play in this scenario—because of the steady stream of videos and images from our friends, families, acquaintances, and influencers, we find ourselves comparing the lives we see online with our own.

The comparison is completely unfair—what we see on social media is a highlights reel, not a detailed account of a person’s day.

We don’t see the 20 bad pictures before the best one is posted. Nor do we see the trials and tribulations of a person’s life before they get that promotion for making great product videos.

Don’t compare the life you have with what you see online—it will never match up because it isn’t real. Knowing that will make you feel so much better about yourself.

Digital Detox

As we have mentioned, social media can be a bit of a downer—not solely because of other people’s lives, but because of the news.

Terrible things happen in the world, but great things also do. The digital realm tends to amplify the negative, which you can observe through social media agencies or while scrolling through your social feed.

Not only does the news make us feel terrible about ourselves and our hopes for the future, but people’s discourse about events around the world can be just as difficult to deal with.

It isn’t possible to completely switch off from the digital sphere. However, you can try to limit your time on it during the day.

Take short detoxes—such as before bedtime, or during mealtimes. This will help you feel better about the world.

Say Hi to Animals

Not everyone can afford to adopt a pet—some people don’t have the financial stability to do so, even in their jobs working with LinkedIn marketing Tools, while others don’t have a comfortable enough home.

But other people do have pets, many of them incredibly friendly. If you meet someone’s pet, stop and say hello, unless their human parent is in a hurry, of course.

I have found that nothing quite brightens up my day like meeting animals on a walk. Even though I don’t love dogs, they are always so friendly and eager to greet me, that it makes me feel great.

If you meet domesticated animals during your day, greet them like they’re a new friend and you will come away feeling so much better about yourself.

Compliment Others

It is wonderful to be paid a compliment—whether it is about your writing, the way you look, what you’re wearing, how well you’ve been using the marketing agency tools, or about your smile.

Imagine being able to do that for everyone around you. Paying people compliments is free, but their joy at receiving the compliment is priceless—it can make you feel great all day long.

Whenever possible, give someone a compliment and brighten up their world, and yours.

Alone Time

We barely ever get to be alone nowadays, and that can put quite a strain on our minds and bodies. Instead of trying to socialise whenever and wherever you can, take some alone time.

Take a break from working on referral programs and spend some time reading a book, or listening to a podcast in your room. Sleep well in your comfortable bed on your own on occasion.

Doing things by yourself will help rejuvenate your mind.

Don’t Take on Too Much

It’s hard to say ‘no’. We want to do everything and accomplish everything, but the more we take on, the harder it becomes to actually do anything well, or completely.

Within the work environment, saying ‘no’ is often seen as a character fault—but it is far from it. Acquiescing to every request or demand about email marketing isn’t good for your health or mind.

Plus, taking on too much makes you less productive. You will become so worried about everything you have to do, that you won’t be able to accomplish anything properly.

Do as much as you can, and when you are nearing your limits, say no to any new requests.

Go for a Walk

It is winter and walking can be a chore, if not downright hazardous. But a walk can make you feel so good about everything, particularly yourself.

For one, you are more likely to meet people’s pets on walks than you would within your office.

Fresh air and sunlight are excellent for your health and your mind—they help make you feel connected with your surroundings.

Take a step away from your ecommerce business and go for a walk whenever you can. Breathe in that fresh air to feel better about everything.

Treat Yourself

We are often too harsh on ourselves and don’t believe in rewarding our successes. Don’t do this—when you have achieved something, no matter how small, you deserve a pat on the back.

Give yourself a treat every so often after you accomplish a task such as completing your email marketing strategy—a dessert, an outing, or an extra half hour of lazing in bed.

Whatever it is, a treat can make you feel better about your accomplishments and yourself.

Feel Great About Yourself Today

You can follow the above ways to feel great about yourself. And if you do them regularly enough, you will be able to feel great every day.


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