And Become a Master at Manifesting

Photo by Taylor Ann Wright on Unsplash

Feelings and emotions are essential when it comes to manifesting.

The fastest way to seeing your dreams come true is feeling them as a reality now. Your feelings can be whatever you want, you can invoke them anytime.

Feel good about your desires. Avoid resistance by feeling right about everything you want. Don’t feel needy, nervous, insecure, undeserving, pressurised. Don’t desperately ‘hope’ for something but instead of being joyous about getting it.

Feel that it’s normal to get it. You need to develop a strong feeling within you that supports your desire 100%. Feeling that the object or the experience belongs to you as much as any other of your possessions or everyday experiences will shift your consciousness and make you a magnet to your dreams.

Feel that is coming and fast approaching. Getting yourself in the state of knowing that what you want is coming will give you a rush of joy. You can do this easily by sitting in meditation, picturing your desires with great detail and asking your subconscious to tell how it feels to have it now. You soon start to sense it arriving; you can almost touch it and smell it. That is the evidence that what you want is coming without a shadow of a doubt you are attracting it fast.

Feel how it is to have it now. Practice, acting, talking and feeling like it is here now. Imagine you have accomplished everything you want today. Who are you now that you have all this? What are your thoughts? How do you behave? How do you talk? What is your state of being?

Manifestation happens in the inside before we see it show up in the outside in our lives. Using our feelings and emotions to speed the process is key to mastery.

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