how to fight burnout

While burnout wasn’t a term decades ago, now almost everyone understands the feeling. Stress, anxiety, and complete lack of motivation are common characteristics. Have you felt it?

We’re overworked, overwhelmed, and “over” everything.

But we live in a constantly busy society. And that’s hard to fight. We’re juggling our jobs, social lives, families, and health. It’s often too much. And when we get to the point of burnout, it’s sometimes too late to adjust.

So keep these three tips in mind to conquer burnout before it strikes.

1. Put Self-Care First

Remember, taking your last flight? Where they always tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before anyone else’s. We must do that in life as well. It’s impossible to take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves first.

So, before you schedule ANYTHING else into your calendar, write in what you are doing for YOURSELF in the coming week.

2. Take Something Off Your Plate

It is not weak to ask others for help.

Women especially do so much more than they should with little regard to mental health. So, write down two people or organizations that can help you next week, and follow through. What can someone else take off of your plate?

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3. Practice Gratitude

It’s impossible to be grateful and depressed at the same time. So, create a daily practice that includes writing down three things you’re grateful for every morning. Often, when we’re burnt out it’s difficult to see past our problems. Remind yourself what makes your life great, even if the best you can do is a delicious cup of coffee.

Need more? End your evening with 3 gratitudes as well. Or try a gratitude meditation online or through a meditation app such as Calm.

In Conclusion

While we think the condition of burn out isn’t a choice, it truly is. And the key is prevention. As the wise Ben Franklin said…

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Ben Franklin

So, utilize these three tips to the fullest and go out there with focus, dedication, and ease.