When my naturopath and good friend, Dr. Meghan Walker, gives me tips…I listen. Meghan is somewhat of a legend – she has her own naturopathic practice, she just launched her own podcast and is a busy mother of young children. She is one of the most successful people I know and she always has a million balls in the air…so when she passes on a piece of advice for living well, my ears perk up.

Meghan told me about a couple of podcasts she listens to regularly – one is called “The Accidental Creative” with Todd Henry (which provides tips on productivity and writing) and the other is called “Smart Passive Income” with Pat Flynn (which provides tips on online business, marketing and blogging). It was my first introduction to podcasts and as soon as I listened to my first episode… I. WAS. HOOKED. Since then I’ve listened to over a thousand podcast episodes.

Podcasts… My New (Healthy) Addiction

The thing I like about podcasts is that they turn time I was otherwise wasting into time I use productively. Podcasts are also great because they’re on-demand (you can pick up right where you left off) and they’re accessible anywhere, at any time, whether or not you have access to WIFI.

So I’ve gotten into a new habit… as soon as I walk out the door on my commute to work, I start listening to a podcast episode. During my 45 minute commute to work, I can finish a full episode. The same is true for my commute home. Because of this, every day I have now turned 1.5 hours of time that I was otherwise not using productively (I used to listen to music on the streetcar and play candy crush – yikes!!) into time that I use to fill my brain with new information and inspiration. In the last several years, I have learned a significant amount about online business and marketing, productivity tips, leadership and parenting strategies. The best part is that listening to those podcasts has reinvigorated my excitement about my life, inspired me to tackle new challenges, and helped me start to dream again.

Find a Podcast You Love…

So from one busy high achiever to another, I highly recommend downloading a podcast and getting into the habit of listening to it at those moments you otherwise might not be using your time productively. You can definitely find moments that you can squeeze a podcast into your day, like when you are washing the dishes, folding laundry, taking public transit or driving the car.

If you’re anything like my high achieving friend Dr. Meghan Walker, you might also use your time even more productively and listen to them at 1.5x or 2x speed. This will enable you to cover more content in way less time. I have to admit though, I personally don’t like to do this because I think people sound like chipmunks at the faster speeds! Personally, I like to listen to the podcasts at regular speed so I can hear how the podcaster and guests speak in real life.

So Here’s My Challenge…

My challenge to you is to research and find a podcast that will help you become a better person and then once you do, repurpose the time you’re not using productively to start listening to that podcast. By doing this, I bet you’ll find at least 10 new hours per week and…trust me, you will thank me a year from now.

As always, I’m glad I followed Meghan’s advice – it’s been several years now and I have learned so much about online business, parenting strategies, positive mindset and productivity!

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Originally published at www.possibilify.com