This is a conversation between Oron, a collective of souls whose purpose is to help you reconnect to and embody your divine unlimited nature and live from it and a person named Cara. 

Question for Oron: How do we cultivate a feeling of safety from within? 

Oron: Take a deep breath now. Feel the ease with which the air moves into and out of your body. Be mindful of the fact that you are not scared that there won’t be air in the next breath you attempt to take.

Take your attention to your feet. Unless you have any kind of ongoing issue in the physicality of your feet, become aware of the fact that you don’t tend to fret about the safety of your feet. You feel a level of safety within the physicality of your feet that you are not conscious of.

Where you put your attention, you bring energy and that grows. So become aware of all of the ways that you are supported, all of the ways that you are safe. Become aware of the safe feeling that you feel when you tuck yourself into your bed at night, when you enter a home that feels like a sanctuary. When you have a really connected conversation with a person who you feel safe to share your open, honest self, and the person in front of you loves you. Take your attention to those times and expand that energy within yourself. 

Humans have a tendency to focus on problems. Your minds are problem-solving machines, and they are an amazing gift. But as you train yourself to become more aware of the blessings, the gifts, the safety, the security, the support, and the love that you receive on a regular basis, you will tune yourself more to that. 

Cara: From what you just shared, I can feel that sense of safety. I can feel that it’s there.

Oron: Can you also feel that there was nothing that we did to ram safety into your system? 

Cara: Yeah.

Oron: The feeling of safety is within each of you. Even if you do not feel connected to it in the same way that we describe, the actual power of this lives within you, whether you are aware of it or not. You connect to this powerful part of you regularly.

You also touch the joyful part of you, the generous part of you, the loving part of you regularly. It’s just that you dismiss those experiences a lot more easily than you dismiss the ones of fear, the ones of doubt, the ones of disappointment. 

So think about a scale. If you have fifty-one percent of your attention on your blessings, we guarantee that your life will change dramatically and very quickly. 

And as you already know, like attracts like. So once you’re sitting at fifty-one percent, the growth will become exponential and the whole process becomes easier.