Have you ever had this question “I don’t know what to do with my life”?If yes, don’t worry. We all have this question when we are stepping into the next stage of life. But we can solve that question.

You need to create a plan for your life. Otherwise, you will have this question at the end of each stage of your life. Think for a moment. What is your dream? Everyone has an idea. So what’s yours?

The dreams we have become the vision of life. Now think about your dream and mark it as your vision of your life. Now you have to divide that vision into small objectives that can be achieved within a short time frame.
Why are we setting these objectives?

Because we cannot achieve the vision with a single effort, if we can accomplish those objectives well, it can lead us to achieve our vision without a considerable effort.

Ok, now you have a vision and objectives to achieve the vision. It’s not enough. Now you have to set strategies to achieve those objectives. Those strategies should be realistic things that a human can achieve.

Ok, you are good to go. Now you have to work every day to achieve those objectives, and at the end of each period, you have to evaluate whether you have achieved the objective or not. If not, you have to check the errors of your plan and redesign it.

Never give up because of not knowing what to do in your life. As human beings, we all have a doubt about our next stage. It’s a common situation for everyone. Even the most successful people have this question. So never give up because you don’t have a purpose for life.

Go to society and meet new people.they will give you some good experiences in their life. You can use them to get an idea about what you are going to do next in your life.

Life is about finding yourself. Never be a copy.Be original and unique version of you.

Also, read more and more books about success stories, and it will help you to understand how others became successful. Not everyone has born as a successful person. Most of the people, who are currently in good positions have developed their life slowly. They may have done mistakes. But the best thing is, they have learned from those mistakes. So never be afraid to put a step into an unknown situation. Always take a risk, if it can benefit you. You will eventually find what to do with your life.

Never give up on your life.