Bitspawn is a gaming blockchain protocol built for digital athletes and social gamers. Built on the Solana blockchain, Bitspawn is a leader in Esports software innovation and provides cutting-edge Esports tournament curation, player development tools, and analytics. They aim to make Esports accessible to all gamers. Bitspawn addresses the increasingly pronounced need for socialization and collaboration between players, consumers, organizations, and companies in Esports.

Based in the Cayman Islands, it was founded by Eric GodwinLukas KamandulisRhys Boulanger and, Alex Lan in 2019. Owning several top-tier social media accounts reaching millions of followers daily, the company is backed by several tier 1 VC funds to develop the best esports platform. Bitspawn is estimated to be valued at USD 9 million.

For most gamers, making money while playing video gamers is almost impossible. Esports players have no rights, with players exposed to abusive contracts, barriers to entry, and rampant prize pool fraud. Bitspawn has decided to intervene and allow gamers to make a profit. Using Bitspawn, all gamers can play and earn money. As an infrastructure-oriented solution, Bitspawn is unlocking the possibility for hundreds of millions of gamers, millions of teams, tens of thousands of sponsors, advertisers, and organizers to securely connect and become a part of the global esports ecosystem. It is a blockchain-powered tournament platform allowing gamers at all skill levels, developers, and organizers to monetize their skills. 

Since gamers watch Esports at a higher rate than traditional sports, it makes them a large market for advertisers. Bitspawn’s protocol is designed to support the 2 billion gamers around the world access new revenue streams for their abilities.

The core values of Bitspawn have been selected based on providing a solution to issues associated with the unprotected rights of Esports participants, fixing Esports’ broken business model, and increasingly polarized ecosystem. 

To know more, visit their Website and follow them on their social media accounts: TwitterTwitchInstagram.


  • Usman Rao

    Ceo & Founder


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