When it comes down to the tedious task of self-motivation, there really isn’t a single solution. Different people respond to different methods. It takes a strong head, and determination to excavate out of doubtful situations.

With that said, there are a plethora of universal truths that can help nudge you onward within your journey. You are embarking on an adventure, an adventure that only you can complete on your own. I can give you the map, but it’s up you to decipher the key. That sounds cheesy, but you know what? A bit of cheese is what makes a great sandwich.

Ditch the What If’s.

One of the most important aspects of keeping yourself motivated is accepting your current position. Could you have done things differently? Sure! But you know what? This doesn’t help you now. The more you refuse your present situation, the harder it will be to progress into a productive future.

Dwelling on what if’s will only slow you down. They impede your thought process and will affect your current and future endeavours. If you refuse to let past mistakes affect your future projects, the lane of motivation will become much clearer, and easier to navigate. Clear that traffic in your mind.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail.

Maintaining motivation is about accepting the fact that you will sometimes fail. Failure doesn’t define you, it’s how you deal with failure that blooms your true colors. Don’t leave a mess to fester, rather, grab a broom and start cleaning!

Fear of failure and lack of motivation are directly linked to each other. They go together like peanut butter & jelly.

Attempting new prospects is almost impossible without proper motivation. If you’re afraid of failure, you might not ever attempt these new endeavors. But failing is part of the process! It only means that you are getting out there and trying new things. It’s all about channeling that fear of potential failure to boost your motivation to do better, rather than giving up on home plate. Changing your perspective on these things is challenging and takes practice, but if you display effort every single day, you will experience results.

As important as not being afraid to fail can be, it’s equally as essential to not set yourself up for failure.

If you are struggling to keep yourself motivated, a key factor is not expecting everything to change all at once. This can be a tedious process that takes a bit of time. If you expect everything in your noggin to change over-night, you are most likely setting yourself up for disappointment and will drive yourself mad. This is a universal rule. If you are trying to lose 100 pounds, you can’t expect it to happen within your first week of dieting. Expecting such things of yourself can obliterate your motivation. This is a principle which can be applied to every facet of productivity and lifestyle changes. Effort mixed with persistence is key. Taking things day by day, little by little, will tremendously improve your strides. Once you start observing the results, the motivation in your mind will take a life of its own with downhill momentum.

As the great Jim Morrison said- “Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel.”

Making Daily Checklists.

This one is very personal for me. Doing something as simple as creating a list of daily goals has helped me become more productive than I ever thought possible.

Not only does this aid in establishing a rhythmic routine for yourself, but also celebrates the little victories within your day, which will do wonders for healthy motivational mindset.

When you create a daily to-do list, you are holding yourself accountable for each one of those tasks. Once completed, you will feel satisfied seeing each item ticked off the list. This is something that I practice religiously. It almost becomes a game in my head to make sure I get each item crossed off by the end of the day. If I don’t get an item crossed off the list, I use that motivation to do better the next day!

Give yourself a goal to work towards. Do you enjoy some quality Netflix time? Or maybe dwell in the realm of videogames? Let that be your reward for accomplishing everything you cement onto your daily checklist. Having something to look forward to is a nice way to treat your self after a hard and productive day.

Aside from a daily list of tasks, try writing out your long and short-term goals and hanging them somewhere like your bathroom mirror, or refrigerator. You’ll receive a constant reminder of what you are setting out to accomplish, rather than letting your goals over cook on the back burner.

Mind Your Surroundings.

It’s too easy to emulsify into a toxic environment.

Just as the frog doesn’t realize the water is beginning to boil, you may not realize the true impact which toxic surroundings may contribute to your mind. Surround yourself with like-minded people who prioritize their goals and self-progression. We are all a product of our environment, so choose yours wisely.