As soon as you wake up, stay away from the news — especially bad news. Instead, while lying down or reclining comfortably in your bed or on your sofa, start breathing deeply. This is a simple thing but it is one of the most important to remember to do and can be a very profound experience.

Take ten deep breaths, slowly in, then slowly out. Then let go and relax. Do another series of ten more deep breaths.

Now for the next ten minutes, don’t let yourself be disturbed with your phone, texts, emails, computer etc. Close your eyes and notice your thoughts, worries and fears. Don’t be afraid, embarrassed or ashamed of them. Don’t get stressed out but notice them and any other thoughts. Fears are like cowards; the more you notice and face them, the less power they have. Don’t fight them, acknowledge them, have compassion for them and don’t struggle with them.

Write your fears and worries down on a piece of paper and look at them. If there is nothing you or anyone else can do about them today, cross them out. Only if there is something you can do about them today, they can stay on the list. When you cross out your fears, you can see that they are not real but merely dread or worry. Giving them too much power will constantly wear you out and take all your energy away.

After that, focus on what you are not going to do today. Just for today, avoid trying to solve all of the world’s problems. Just for today, refuse to stay around to hear or participate in gossip or indulge negative thoughts. Just for today, don’t judge yourself or anyone else.

Instead, think just one thought that would make you proud to be a human being. Just for today, tell someone you truly love that you were thinking of them and wanted them to know you love them, without any expectations. Remember that love does not manipulate. Manipulation drains energy and will leave you and others exhausted. If you cannot tell the person you love that you love them, just think it.

Next think about your proudest moment or memory and ask yourself why that was your best memory. What did you feel? Why did you feel that way? I am confident that your memory will be related to love in some way and will probably reflect a love of something that was greater than you. Let that thought inspire you. I learned this from Deepak Chopra, and it’s very powerful: “Try to do something good or be of service to others today and don’t tell anyone, even if it’s just wishing them well in your thoughts, and keep it as your own secret.”

If you are healthy enough for exercise, do an intense but smooth exercise for the next five to ten minutes. Working out is something I do every day for a short, concentrated amount of time, and it is almost always therapeutic.

After you finish exercising, seek out at least one piece of good news. Good things happen every day. People create things that help humanity, rid us of pain, make life more fun, and are beautiful. Even if you are tempted, do not get sucked back into getting bad news because you will negate all of your positive efforts earlier. You could get drained and stressed without even realizing it.

Throughout your day, remember to keep breathing intentionally and consciously notice your breath. I believe that the higher power of life is in your breath and focusing on it can be transformative. As you go about your day, realize how much more energized, focused and productive you are. Marvel at what else you discover.