Are you worried about how COVID will alter your holiday plans and the rest of your year? Are you nervous about the future of our government? 

There are many subjects we can worry about if we choose to. But what does that worry do to your current state of mind? 

The worry and fear of tomorrow robs you of your current happiness of today.

Sadguru teaches that our past is fueled by memory and our future is powered by our imagination. We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. It is simply our imagination that manufactures the story we believe and are so certain is going to come true.

My bet is that you, along with so many of us, have been very creative with the many alternate endings to our current affairs. But what do those stories generate within you? How much of a relief is it to recognize that, regardless of research, it is still our imagination that is fabricating the believed outcome of tomorrow. We simply do not know what will happen. 

That imagination of ours often creates fear, doubt, worry and anxiety about what is to come.

When we can begin to see that it is our imagination of tomorrow that is causing so much of our worry and fear today, we can begin to unwind the story and see today for what it is…a collection of moments of incredible opportunity for happiness and joy. We can begin to build our faith knowing that life is always blessing us. Even if things don’t work out the way we planned, life often blesses us in even more amazing ways. 

How can we shift our thinking into the present moment and not create so many stories about tomorrow? We begin with withdrawing from our external stimuli. Are you allowing your external environment to dictate your happiness today? 

Join me for this week’s incredible meditation, How to find happiness in the present moment, where we practice Pratyahara, the withdrawing of our senses so we can connect even deeper with our Divine source and ultimately, our present moment. When we bask in our present moment awareness without our environment cluttering up our thoughts, we find the happiness and joy we are seeking in the present moment because we no longer imagine what tomorrow will be.

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash