Inspiration is all about that inner drive which takes us places we weren’t even aware existed. It’s a powerful force filled with new ideas, freedom of imagination, and the will to create something exciting. For those of you who need the inspiration to perform brilliantly on work, finding it can sometimes be a bit of an issue.

A creative crisis is something like a barricade between you and your creative self. It can be caused by various things, so you need to try and eliminate it. If you’re wondering how you can overcome a creative crisis and become inspired once again, just keep reading.

Here are 6 surefire ways to find inspiration during a creative crisis.

1.     Remove the Barrier

Sometimes, a creative crisis is a result of some kind of an inner struggle you’ve got going on. When a person is dealing with stress, pressure, or a problem, it’s hard to evoke that creative side and have it outshine the bad stuff.

Therefore, if you’re having a creative crisis, try sitting down with yourself and asking yourself the following question:

  • What’s wrong? What’s bothering you so much?

You’ll probably give yourself an answer such as:

  • a family issue
  • argument with a friend
  • worrying about unsolved problem
  • anxiety about an upcoming event

Therefore, try finding a solution to the problem that’s been pressuring you. Once you remove this barrier, you’ll feel inspired once again.

2.     Pamper Yourself

Inspiration and creativity are usually born in a state of relaxation, happiness, and bliss. Since our daily activities and the hectic lifestyles are far from the nirvana state of mind, we simply need to make a break and give ourselves the treatment we deserve.

To put it simply, you just need to make yourself feel better by slowing down and:

  • taking a relaxing bath
  • eating your favorite food
  • watching a TV show you love
  • hanging out at your favorite place

Treat yourself with something you truly enjoy, and you’ll feel inspired in no time.

3.     Exercise

Your mind is closely connected to your body and if both aren’t functioning properly, you’ll be unable to get in touch with your creativity.

In other words, the cause of your creative crisis may be rooted in the lack of physical activity.

If you’re feeling heavy, lazy, or sleepy, this is probably because your body didn’t get the awakening it needs. To power through this, exercise!

Whenever I’m experiencing a creative crisis, I simply go for a half an hour run, and I come back inspired and ready to create.

Try out different activities such as:

  • jogging
  • dancing
  • a sport you like
  • yoga
  • weight lifting

Whatever physical activity you enjoy doing is going to shake you up and help you shake off the creative crisis.

4.     Nap

Sleep deprivation is the cause of a lot of issues such as anxiety, tension, and even health problems.

If you lack sleep and wake up feeling tired and cranky, chances are you won’t be able to express yourself creatively.

Therefore, try rescheduling your day to get more sleep.

If, however, there’s no way you can sleep longer than you usually do, we suggest taking a short, 15-20 minutes power nap. It can:

  • revitalize you quickly
  • restore your alertness
  • help you overcome the crisis

Give it a try and see where that takes you.

5.     Disconnect

Sometimes, when looking for inspiration, we turn to technology. We look at social media, YouTube videos, or read articles and blog.

But, what if all you need to get inspired is to disconnect?

Try this method:

  • turn off your phone
  • shut down your laptop
  • walk outside with nothing more than your keys
  • go for a bike ride or walk to a remote area in your neighborhood
  • spend some time in nature

Make sure that once you unplug, you start relaxing your mind and not obsessing about work. Enjoy the view, the smell of nature, and the silence.

Head back once you feel reenergized and inspired.

6.     Start Over

When you hit a creative crisis but you still continue working, the result might not be what you wanted it to be.

You’ll probably end up tangled up in some kind of a mess.

Instead of trying to fix it and improve it, we suggest forgetting about the whole thing, setting it aside and starting from scratch.

A new attempt might just help you feel more relaxed and ready to succeed.

If you still don’t seem to be succeeding, look for help from a friend, an expert, or an online tool or service. For example, Trust My Paper can help you with a writing crisis.

Final Thoughts

When a creative crisis hits you, there’s no room for panic. You need to step away from the whole thing and focus on finding a solution. Use the advice given above and see which technique works best for you. Use it to regain inspiration and get back on the horse.

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