When you read a novel, when you look at a painting, when you hear a song, everyone has a different interpretation.

But when it comes to life, everyone thinks there is only one interpretation that we all have to agree upon.

Why do we all have to agree? Why does religion, society, atheism, capitalism, have us convinced we all have to agree?

The meaning of life is the meaning you give it. No intellectual, spiritual leader, friend, mentor, peer… can prove you otherwise. I mean, they can try, but they’ll be grasping at straws.

What art means to you is your business. What life means to you is your decision. This life is yours. And you get to pick what it means. Seriously. Don’t rely on blog posts and strangers opinions to tell you.

But if you want to know what life means to someone else, take an interest in art. Artists will tell you what it means to them. Maybe you can take some inspiration from them.