From Disney, Pixar to Instagram, original and professionally created Vision Statement’s are the heart and soul behind every successful company if created well. Vision Statements obtain the core ideas to shape any business in the way it should go, and can help with the direction your company or career will go. Vision Statements are highly important to a person ‘s success in their career in business,design, Ect. Also Vision Statements should never be confused with mission statements or business plans. Your company’s mission statement is your company’s reason for existing and it’s all about what you’re doing right now. So hopefully this tip of creating a Vision Statement after doing your homework and research can help you find purpose and advance in your career. To sum it up all a Vision Statement is, is the plan for your company’s future hopes and dreams or your career’s. Using professional procedures for Market research, Networking groups and survey’s can and will definitely help if you collect proper data and facts before you write your Vision Statement. Using a catchy topic that is trending would be a great way to attract attention to your Vision Statement and creating a page long Vision Statement that is not crammed full of information would be a great plus. Also why not incorporate a design aspect into your Vision Statement or even an Info Graphic may help. So I really hope that these tips will help you and that you will find purpose in your Career or Company or even the Company you work for with your Career. I have found plenty of purpose with my Career as a Graphic Design Specialist by trade and a small business owner and these tips have helped me. I hope that they help you as well.