The blueberries were starting to mold. They were big and beautiful round berries from the Farmer’s Market; although a few of them underneath already had the white fur of mold. But, several of the berries on top were still good, so I rescued them, transferred them to another bowl on the breakfast table, and tossed out the bad ones.

Believe it or not, it got me thinking about limiting beliefs and the negative effects they have on possibility, expansion and abundance in our lives. When limiting beliefs pervade our thoughts, they can be very strong and intoxicating because they tap into familiar fears. If they’re not released and tossed away they can infect any new thoughts about possibility and instead create a stagnant field of inaction and paralysis of energy, as well as keeping us stuck in old patterns or stories of lack. Not a fun place to be, particularly when you’re working hard to change and elevate your way of being.

I recently finished a 27-day Ellen Whitehurst abundance course through Daily OM. It was full of lots of great exercises and tips. My biggest take away was that true abundance starts with a shift in mindset and energy. Abundance simply cannot exist in a mindset of lack. Just as possibility is incapable of living in a world of can’t.

My close peeps and I talk a lot about possibility. We powerfully hold each other’s goals and visions. There’s no room for limitation there.

And, one friend recently released a talent manager because he spoke in terms of can’t, and she only lives in a world of anything’s possible. His limiting beliefs were not going to hold her back.

Pam Grout in her book E-Squared: Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, calls this playing and living in the “field of infinite possibility.”

Tweet: “There’s a lot of space in Possibility.”[source: @cindyyantis]

Once you’re there, exploring, dancing, experimenting and feeling the Grace and flow in the space of Possibility, there will sometimes be those who try and give you “advice” about “reality” or who implore you with can’t-afford-that language. It helps to remember that these comments often have more to do with the speaker’s own fears and limited realities than really anything to do with you. But, they are like the moldy fruit and have no place in your fertile field of possibility. If it’s a loved one who offers this advice, it can certainly feel hurtful and frustrating. Take a moment. Step back and separate from your emotions, for just a moment. Find some compassion for their fears and limited beliefs. After all it’s familiar, human and we’ve all been there. But, offer it as detached compassion, because it’s not who you are anymore or who you want to be.

The great news is, being a living example of possibility makes it possible for others to do the same. Be steadfast in your new way of thinking. It’s the only way to true abundance and limitless possibility.

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