Companies can use these three tips to find exceptional people for the finance department.

Conduct Technical Interviews

Recruiters must have a robust interview process when finding people for the finance department. They should not just screen resumes and let candidates talk about previous work experiences. That may not be enough. Recruiters should also test people on their technical knowledge. This is important because finance is a quantitative field. Recruiters can quiz candidates on various financial concepts. They can ask candidates to complete an assignment at home. They can also ask candidates to compute mathematical problems without a calculator. Do not just pay attention to the answers that candidates give. Recruiters also need to consider how candidates arrive at their answers. Pay attention to people’s thought processes.

Recruit from Small Colleges

Traditionally, employers in the finance industry hire students from the world’s most prestigious universities. It has been an easy way to fill open positions. However, employers should not put too much weight on brand names. They should also consider students from small colleges. Give these students a chance. Companies may be surprised to find talented candidates from small colleges. They can gauge someone’s passion for finance by looking at extracurricular activities. For example, one student may be the president of the finance club. Other students may trade stocks during their free time. Many of these candidates will become some of the hardest workers in the finance department. They are genuinely interested in finance and want to stay in the industry.

Use Internships

Every employer in the finance industry should have an internship program. It is a good way to find talented workers while they are still in school. Internships can serve as auditions for full-time roles. Companies should let interns complete challenging assignments. This is how interns can learn the skills required for the job. They will know to take things seriously. Managers can act as mentors by answering questions and giving advice. They should keep an eye out for interns who produce excellent work. These interns show up on time and act professionally. They are enthusiastic about their work.

By using these three tips, companies will be able to hire hardworking individuals passionate about finance.