Many times we are urged to react immediately to a WhatsApp an Email a Call or a Statement thrown at us. The one urging us to react quickly is us we should take the freedom to think first and respond second

How To Find The Best Way You Can (RE)Act:

Take Time To Develop Philosophy

Philosophy is basically asking questions and going beyond the surface. This way we we are finding answers by rethinking and analysing.

Immanuel Kant has summarised philosophy in 4 questions:

How Can I get knowledge and how can I use this knowledge?

This is about facts and reliable information. What of my Knowledge about a situation is fact based. To I just react to someone’s assumption or do I have any proven knowledge. What Do I know about the situation precisely.

In times of fake news where the internet has currently more opinions and assumptions than knowledge and facts we should asking ourselves. What Do I really know here for fact before writing back or acting?

How Should I act?

This relates to ethical behaviour. What would be the best way to react to a message or a situation. What would be most ethical. How much can I apply empathy and emotional intelligence here. Will my reaction be fair or will it be based on assumptions, or feelings like fear or anger.

What Can I hope / What Can I believe In?

This relates to the value system we live by and that is a very individual answer we all have to find. What is our value system and in what religion or philosophy do we want to put our faith and live by. How should you react or act based on your own belief and value system.

What kind of beings are we as humans?

This relates to what you know and believe are we as humans and how we believe are as human beings. How do you want to be seen and how do you want to see and treat others? When we act or react we should have a part for the humanity in our reaction as a human to another human.

Sometimes It Is Better To Not React Than Acting In A Wrong Way

If we want to achieve the best in the way we communicate and think about life we should take the time step back and rethink. Can we answer all 4 simple questions above and do we feel well with how we want to move forward. The best results for a move forward in my life was mainly achieved when I did take the time to think first and act in the best way I know and believe I could.

When I worked at Disney I believed in the mission to make the day better for people by entertaining and interacting with them. Although it was hard work there was one quote from Walt Disney that inspired me even on a bad day at work.


Conclusion What To Do To Act In The Best Way Possible

  • Take your time and do not rush yourself to answer or (re)act
  • Think about what you know what would be a perfect way to act and how this is fitting into your own believe system, consider what you think a human is and how a human should act
  • Think first then (re)act in the best possible way to (re)act.

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