You can find events in your local area, region, or across the country with a few simple steps. Here are my top Google-able resources for finding events in your niche.

1. Chamber of Commerce

Even if you are not yet a paying member of your local chamber, these organizations often list upcoming events on their webpages. Be sure to look for city, county, and surrounding localities chambers, too. You might find a gem of an event just a short drive away that fits perfectly into your niche.

2. Town & City Events/County Events

Many localities have their own website for their jurisdiction. You will usually find municipal events that draw a broad range of the community.

3. Parks & Recreation

Similar to municipal and chamber events, this arm of local government often facilitates their own events.

4. Clubs and Organizations

Rotary, Civitans, Lions, VFW, American Legion, Moose, FOP, schools, churches, and communities often hold their own events and don’t advertise. Check their individual websites.

5. Newspapers & Local Magazines

Think outside of the largest paper in your area and scour websites for niche publications. Pick up the ‘free’ publications outside the grocery. Often, paper publications are more up to day in print format versus online.

6. Bars & Marketplaces

Local co-operatives and marketplaces sponsor events on-site and use word of mouth advertising. Brainstorm the trendy shopping bazaars in your area to see if they have their own events.

7. Facebook Events

With the ability to sort by location, dates, and category you have to appreciate the ease and convenience of this app. Play with the mobile version as well as the full version to see what you can find. This is also a great way to find new groups or pages to join. Most communities have loosely organized professional groups or networking clubs that meet at restaurants, bars, and events. is another great way to grow your network.

8. Expo & Civic Centers

These usually require advance planning and come with a heavier cost than some options, but you will definitely get an audience if you can edge in on a major holiday shopping event, women’s expo, or something more suitable to your niche. I’ve been to gun shows and bought cooking gear so don’t be too narrow minded. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little variety as a shopper at one of these. You can go about this two ways and I suggest doing both. First, look up the local civic and event centers in your desired locations. Search their event calendar for the coming year. Second, think about the events that you enjoy attending (conventions, shopping expos, conferences, etc.) and Google those by name. You might find that your favorite events are a happening a little bit outside your geographical area, but are worth the extra drive.

9. Etsy

You can actually search by location on Etsy. In the search bar, enter the name of a city or place. In the left sidebar, you can play around with localities to see where other Etsy sellers are going to be setting up. Of course, use your good manners and add any events that you will be attending if you are an Etsy seller.

10. Google Alerts

You can set Google up to notify you once a day (or otherwise) of anything you enter into the search bar. So, if I set up a Google Alert for vendor events in Virginia, I will be notified for that search once a day via email.

I tested out this website to see if it provided up to date events in my area and it does! The great thing is that you can visit it right now and get a list of past events from which to begin your search. You can also sign up for subscription service which is $48.95 for a year; but there is also a 30 day free trial. Disclaimer: I have NOT purchased this service or used the 30 day free trial. If you do, let me know and I’ll do the same.


Another website where you can search or list festivals. When I checked, there were several up to date listings for my local area as well as statewide.


This is another online fair listing, but also has space for you to link your online store. It’s sort of a “craft mall” and event listing all in one.

Do you have more great ideas for finding vendor events and selling your product or networking? I would love to hear them. Be sure to contact me or comment on social media so that I can learn from you.

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