Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complicated developmental condition that involves continuous challenges in social interaction, speech and non-verbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. However, the effects of ASD and the magnitude of symptoms differ from person to person.

Usually, ASD is first diagnosed in childhood with many of the most-obvious signs witnessed in 2-3 years old, but some children having autism develop normally until toddler hood when they stop gaining or lose previously inherited skills. Moreover, autism is also three to four times more common in boys than in girls. Autism is basically a life-long condition.

When to take your child with Autism to a Psychiatrist?

The entire course of treatment for children with autism is quite an intricate path. Usually, the most comprehensive and efficacious treatment for any child suffering from autism yearns for a team of providers. Parents or the guardians play a significant role in the lives of children with autism. But when should you take your child to a psychiatrist in Noida?

Well, a child and an adolescent psychiatrist can play a crucial role in the lives of some children having autism. But, what’s the role of a child and adolescent psychiatrist and when should parents look to engage one? The decision to see an online psychiatrist is difficult, but must be made when raising your child suffering from autism.

Both child and adolescent psychiatrists help diagnose and treat any psychiatric problems that the child suffering from autism might show. The child psychiatrist also tries to provide supportive care and medication management post the initial treatment.

The treatment of psychiatric disorders generally begins with your pediatrician. A pediatrician is a doctor that examines your child on a routine basis. If your child’s behavior starts to deter or change, like he/she witnesses episodes of rage, out of control behavior, or if your child displays self-injurious behavior, you must contact your pediatrician in Noida. Thereafter, you and your pediatrician can further decide if other tests are required to be done.

When should parents look for a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist?

Well, the first and foremost thing is our child’s safety. However, other points include:

  • When episodes of loss of control spikes up in your child
  • If you notice physical aggression in your child towards self or others
  • Verbal escalation that evolves into uncontrollable screaming
  • Persistent verbal and physical rages
  • Fear is considered as another key motivating factor. Do you fear you child or your child’s behavior?

Let us now shift the focus on when exactly should pediatricians and other healthcare providers recommend their patients to a child and adolescent psychiatrist?

  • When there is a persistent observed negative change in your child’s behavior
  • When the child suffering from autism can be heard screaming in the background when parent make a phone call for help.

Remember, the diagnosis of autism involves a multi-disciplinary approach. The significant components of the team might comprise of learning specialists, developmental pediatricians, child neurologists, and child and adolescent psychiatrists. And again, the child and adolescent psychiatrist will treat any kind of psychiatric issues that the child with autism manifests and continue to provide supportive care and medication management.

One of the most significant factors when working with a child and adolescent psychiatrist is trust. Though you might know the psychiatrist for many years, but still you need to feel comfortable when entrusting your child’s care to them. Remember, an open communication between you, your child and the psychiatrist in Noida is cardinal to the success of any treatment plan or procedure.