find the right job as a writer

Imagine a world with Google, wherein just upon typing, ‘best writer’ in search, an entire list of the best writers from around the world, pops up. Well, unfortunately, we do not live in such a world. Ironically, with the help of Google itself, it is still very difficult to hover around multiple sites, requests for people to take a test and identify that golden eyed person for your requirement. This is the situation from the employer’s perspective.

Now, imagine the plight of a writer. He not only has to look for a job but also filter it down by his expertise while compromising on his interest. As you see, writing is not just a task anymore but also art. Sometimes, people are born with the skill of expressing life stories in the form of writers. The world has seen many great campaigns that has powered human mind towards evolution, thanks to the writers.

Today, we shall focus on the lens of a writer and understand the kind of factors that can allow one to be a great writer to find a perfect and satisfactory job.

Explore your interests
When we get into the hustle of working, we often end up writing whatever that comes our way. Apart from writing as just a form of earning, it must allow you to explore your favourite subject. Some people like to write formats like news articles as a correspondent in print and some write social media posts to excel as digital copywriters. If you are into long form of storytelling, a news article, features story or even a travel experiences will appeal to you. On the other hand, if you like short jokes, online posts and memes, short form writing will interest you.

Identify your niche
It is very important to explore different form of writings such as short and long form. This activity helps you, as an individual, to identify your niche as a writer. With practice, you may be able to come across a variety of ways to express the same point and horn your skill of delivering a regular piece of content in your very individualistic style. Some people even have a nag to write pseudo confessions that seem like real-life experiences and a survey mentions that around 40 percent people from Information technology field takes more interest in reading real life confessions.

Writing on research topics
Writing on topics that can help students working on their research or taking up seminars can give a glow to your writing career. There are many writing agencies who regularly post on various research papers that are unique and bring innovation. As an example, if you wrote on a topic like “plants that live under the ocean” or something about under-ocean life, students working on the research paper for ocean related topics will refer your white paper. Do you feel that you have got some idea about a topic that can help getting the right attention? Give it a try.

Sharpen your skills
It is very important for a writer to keep himself or herself current on the events around the world. With the given versatility in demand for writers, you may hit upon any kind of writing job, that may need one or many skill-sets in your piece. These skill-sets can be achieved upon extensive reading. Reading books that are on different genres such as travel experiences, blogs, social media post, news articles etc. By horning your skills in multiple genres, you may also be exposed to a variety of formats in writing, giving your profile the versatility, it needs to entice an employer.

With these few pointers, you will enrich your career as a writer and find the best gig available in the market without compromising on your interest.