The pandemic of Corona has forced us to confine ourselves in the boundaries of our homes. Our daily activities have faced a stagnation and for the job seekers the time for landing a job has naturally prolonged. However, this lock down should not stop your search for an ideal job. With an easily accessible internet connection, world is closer than ever. Use it effectively in your process of job search.

Spread your social media presence

lock down will eventually be applied in countries that have many cases of Corona Virus, business houses and industries will need candidates to fill their vacant positions. This might be the best time to spread the word among your connections about job search. use your time actively to find work on social media by following industry-specific hashtags and vacancies. now if you do business online is very suitable because this work can be done at home, you must connect with experts in your field and learn about opportunities that you can take advantage of, it is unfortunate if a lot of time is wasted when you are locked up at home and your finances run out when You are still waiting for this pandemic to end, there may be cases where a Travel Advisor-based business at the time the pandemic does not accept job openings, and at this time may require a freelancer. in difficult times locked up. Open your eyes to take advantage of every opportunity you can.

Create an active LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is amongst the best professional networking site. Use it as a medium for your job search. Increase and develop your connections with industry experts and leaders. Be creative with your job search when you approach your connections. Besides, LinkedIn offers excellent opportunity to curate strong individual standing. Engage in conversations, be regular with your postings and be an active participant in groups.

Search for Job Vacancies from Online Marketplace Freelancer Sites

Similar to working full-time, for those of you who want to start working from home, you can also find job openings from marketplace sites that are for freelancers. The following are examples of marketplaces that you can use to find online jobs for freelancers In this marketplace, there are many types of jobs that can be easily found. Such as graphic design, writers, translators, and even website creation.

Make Digital Works and Sell them to the Digital Marketplace

As explained earlier, you can also sell your designs on the digital asset marketplace. But actually, what is a digital marketplace? If you have digital works, such as design, eBook’s, videos or even music and audio. You can also sell it on a digital specialist marketplace. Then clients will usually buy your work through the marketplace. However, to be able to sell your work in the marketplace, your digital work must pass the manual screening stage first.

Keep applying

As you did before lock down, keep applying. Follow your routine and send your resume. We advise you to apply even when the job position does not mention anything about luxury travel long distance work. Lockdown has forced millions of home businesses to turn their ways into remote jobs. And even if that doesn’t happen, you will eventually be called in for an interview when everything returns. You want your time after being locked into attending a personal interview instead of applying.

Take help from placement consultancies

This is one of the finest ways of ensuring that your job search process remains in line. Numerous placement consultancies have turned to remote work in this times of lockdown. These placement consultancies possess a huge clientele base. In these changed times, placement consultancies can help you secure virtual personal interview with business firms. You see, you might have a job to immediately join with once this lockdown gets lifted. Invest your time now and attend all the virtual interviews in this free time.

Volunteer for telephonic interview

While sending in your resumes, show your willingness to appear for Skype or any virtual interview. Show you willingness to immediately begin work from home. You might be surprised but there are high chances of you getting a positive response.