finding motivation

One of the biggest realities in life when it comes to achieving goals is that even for the most determined person, it can be difficult and challenging to stay motivated some times. And this is an issue because without adequate motivation, one cannot make reasonable progress and even in some cases, one will regress and fail in all plans. It is the motivation that provides the fuel for us to get things done. Some have compared motivation to the will of the mind. If you are well-motivated, it will be easy for you to outline your goals and achieve them.

It is the motivation that leaves you emotionally pumped early in the morning as you wake up and start your day. This points to the overwhelming importance of motivation and in this piece, we are going to talk about how and where to find your motivation at all times. 

Finding Motivation for Yourself

This is the most important aspect of motivation and the reason for that is that if you are not well-motivated yourself, there is no way you can motivate, inspire and encourage others. So, this section is going to be about how to find motivation for yourself. The first step to take when finding motivation for yourself is to take out time to outline your goals for yourself.

It is often best to start with one goal at a time so you do not become overwhelmed with so many goals. For example, if you want to improve your finances, you should start with budgeting. How do you get started with budgeting? You can make it simple by using budgeting apps like You Need a Budget (YNAB) or Mint. The point that I’m trying to make here is about making your goals easier for you to achieve one step at a time.

Once you are able to outline your goals, your purpose becomes very clear and all of a sudden, you know how and where to focus all your efforts on.

Many people are not able to get any type of motivation because they do not even know their goals and purpose in the first place. If you cannot identify your goal and visualize the end results, there is no way you will be motivated. So, the first thing you have to do is to craft your goals very well and achieve them.

In order to make this easy, it is advisable to you select goals that you really have passion for. Do not use what others suggest for you to form the pillars of your goals. Sit down, reflect on your abilities and what you love doing most and then draw up your goals from that. If you draw up goals based on your passions, it will be a lot easier for you to remain focused and motivated and by extension, for you to achieve your goals to remain happy and live your best life at the end of it all.

Another way by which you can find motivation for yourself is to actually take time to tell others about your goals. Do not just keep your goals to yourself, tell those who really love you and care about you about your goals and you will see that whenever you begin to decline on meeting these goals, they are always there to remind you.

If you feel like you do not want to tell others your goals, there is another step you can take and that is for you to write them down in a place where you will always see them. You can even set alarms or reminders on your phone or computer.

Finding Motivation for Your Family

One of the best ways to find motivation for your family is to be the one who would motivate your family to perform better at their jobs or anything they do. Support them in any way you can to show that you care about them. Do not judge them and tell blunt comments when they are telling you about their problems. Instead, give an encouraging comment that clearly shows you are on their side. This is important so that your family members could acknowledge how much you care about them which in turn would make them become more optimistic.

The most important part about motivating your family is to constantly encourage them to do good and make them feel loved and supported.

There are two types of motivation; extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic is a motivation whereby you do something for external gains such as to show off to people and get an appraisal from them and physical outcomes.

Intrinsic motivation gives you personal satisfaction after you have successfully completed a task or activities that you love doing. Therefore, if any of your family members are feeling down about things like their job or internal problems, explain to them about the purposes of their actions and the outcomes that they should expect out of it.

You could also tell them stories of how you personally confronted and overcame the challenges that were before you. This could, in turn, motivate them to do better and get their mind and emotions back on track of what they are doing.

Finding Motivation for a Better World

As for the rest of the world, the most effective way by which you can provide motivation is to be a success. There is a saying that success has many fathers and that failure is an orphan. So, the most inspiring way by which you can raise the morale of the rest of the world is for you yourself to become an outstanding success in whatever you find yourself doing. Without a doubt, success does not come easy at all and that is precisely why it is important for you to stay motivated at all times. Never let despair and lethargy take over you at any point in time.

Success does not come to the weak, it comes to those who are very determined to succeed in all they do and motivation is what makes them
stay focused and resilient

So today, start your project, use the strategies outlined above to motivate yourself, your loved ones and eventually the world at large.