Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life?  What are you living for?

Since the pandemic’s rise, it has never been more than now; many of us are digging into this question as we come to be more aware of our surroundings and ourselves.

The question is, then, how to find my purposes? Growing up, going through life obstacles, and conquering the challenges, make me realized that what stands between myself in finding my purpose is my core emotional challenges.

Our core emotions are the emotions that developed within us, and it is the formative part of our identity that we may not be conscious of. In the quest to uncover what motivates me and excites me about my work, I discovered our core emotional power and how understanding this emotion can lead us to find our purpose.

In summary, I grew up in a small town in the north part of Malaysia and came from a traumatized childhood and a negative, chaotic, and almost broken family environment; I always feel a lack in everything.

I knew that ultimately, I wanted a different life, and I envision for myself the life that I would like to attain but the quest of finding the answer to “What is my purpose” and “What is fulfilling to me?” Remained.

It was not long till I start to keep track of my behaviour and thinking, and I realized that growing up in a negative environment, I have a force of being positive all the time. I am fulfilled when I bring positivity to as many situations as possible.

I was raised in a chaotic environment and never have a chance to cultivate my potential. This brought me to identify that this was my core emotional challenge that made me feel trapped and did not believe in myself. As a result, I enjoy helping others step into possibility and any activity that allows them to thrive and operate at their full potential.

Feeling always lacking make me always think I do not belong in a place. And this makes me discover my purposes are to help others find their exact role, be it in the workplace or relationship and be the person they wish to be. That gives me great fulfilment.

I learned to recognize, that our core emotional challenges can bring us closer to identify our purpose, and I realized, to be successful, we first need to address all this negative behaviour and be more aware when it occurs.

Our core emotional will always be there, and it will never be able to completely erase from our life, but having a greater awareness of it is the first step to healing and letting go of the baggage that was holding us back from our joy, from what we are meant to be and to serve with our purpose.

I have to work through the emotional baggage that I was carrying over the years. In essence, I learned to see myself, and I knew how to be kind to myself; I love what I saw in me today.

I learned how to rewire our negative mental messaging and dedicated my time to the habit of having profound respect and love for myself.

Working on appreciating yourself gave you permission to follow your dream and pursue your desires in your life and expect you to fulfil them.

To discover your emotional challenges, start by identifying the patterns from your past. Do some digging and deep thinking.  Deep dive into the following and be really honest with yourself :

  • What was your best part of your life growing up, and what was the most challenging part, and Why?
  • How did that particular situation or people affect you, and what was the specific impact?
  • Identify and list down your most obvious emotional challenges. Look for the theme of these challenges that constantly present throughout.
  • Once you figured out your core emotional challenges, review when you are most fulfilled at work or relationship. and identify when those moments are and the impact.
  • List how this specific impact you were having on other people through your work or relationship.

Self-discovery of what stands between your emotional challenges and yourself is the very first step to finding your purpose.