What’s so important about finding your purpose and what even is it? I hear you ask. 

First thing first, let’s just clarify that when I use the word purpose, what I really mean is soul mission. What you are born on this planet to do, be and seek.

Your mission is a unique blueprint of what you are here to do. Your soul destiny for this lifetime. It’s what lights you up and what brings you joy. Every one of us has a soul mission.

When you don’t know what your mission is you could end up walking around aimlessly searching for something, but unsure of what that something even is. This is when you could end up grasping onto other people’s mission and vision and getting inspired by others – also where copycat syndrome can come into play. The saying ‘stay in your lane’ comes into play well here. 

But how can you stay in your lane if you don’t know what your lane is? 

If you’re wandering around not knowing what path to walk down then you’re going to start getting confused and drawn in different directions. When you’re not in alignment with your true mission you fall into the hustle mentality and lack flow, because you’re constantly searching for something outside of yourself. So you could end up starting the wrong business or attracting the wrong clients because you’re in search of the wrong things. 

Discovering and activating your soul mission helps you understand what fits and what doesn’t, what feels good and when to say no to things that don’t.

How do we find our soul mission and how does that get woven into what you sell? 

Your soul mission is to learn about the truth within you and to activate that and then create services or products that bring that into the world.  

Start to understand what your talents are, what you’re passionate about, what lights you up and get curious with them, start to experiment with how you want to use these and be of service with them. There’s no need to pick just one specific passion, because if there’s multiple things that light you up then they’re all in alignment with your mission. This is about bringing all of these together under one roof, one key message.

Your brand is your mission and your mission is your brand. 

Everything that you do must be in alignment with your overall personal mission, this becomes the umbrella brand, your soul mission – brand YOU. Your mission is your motivator in this world. Understanding this will help you find a fulfilling job or create products and services with ease and impact.