Someone walked into my house and after a few minutes blurted out in utter amazement, “Do children live here?”

The house was too tidy.

I’m one of those people that likes everything in its place. I walk into an untidy room or chaotic environment and honestly, it’s as if I suffer a brain-freeze.

I can’t think straight until things are back in their place.

And I’ve always been like that, even as a child.

I remember having arguments with my much older sister who seemed happy to have her own version of “order within chaos” in the room we shared.

Whilst this quirk can be inconvenient sometimes (to say the least), I have since identified and learned to appreciate it as one of my biggest strengths.

Strength? In what way?

Well, I have discovered this same natural inclination for orderliness means when I come into an organisation, department, business, career or life that has stagnated, without trying very hard, I just seem to easily come up with creative ideas, systems and structures that bring order and multiply productivity in a very short time.

I experienced it throughout my career and now in my coaching.

Weirdly enough, it is also the foundation of another business I run – book editing.

“Book editing how? What’s the connection?” You may wonder.

Well, when I look at a piece of writing that’s all over the place and difficult to read and understand, I find it easy and enjoyable to rearrange and edit it to create a seamless flow that is pleasurable to read and digest.

I have recognised that I’m particular equipped and gifted at bringing order and high levels of productivity out of chaos.

And the probably the best part is…I love it! It doesn’t feel like hard work to me at all.

So, why am I saying all this to you?

I said all that to say this: To set and achieve your big dream goals, you must first of all have CLARITY.

Know thyself.

Know what you truly, truly want.

Not fantasies.

Know what you want, NOT what you think you SHOULD WANT because of your gender or culture or background.

Know what makes you tick…what gets your juices flowing.

If you set out without that simple foundation in place, failure is almost inevitable because fuzziness is one of the biggest dream killers.

So, what comes naturally to you?

What qualities, traits have you known about yourself since you were a child – that you didn’t “learn” from anyone?

Your strong convictions and tendencies may even have gotten you into trouble a few times just like Joseph’s habit of having and interpreting dreams got him into a ditch.

If you can IDENTIFY them, CLEARLY DEFINE them and NURTURE them, they will serve you in life.

Olawunmi Brigue – Empowering you to live the Supernatural life