Did you ever just need a break? Not a ten minute snack break, but a break – from your life? Recently I felt the same way and took some time off. Time off from everything. I avoided social media, I didn’t write and I barely auditioned. I just took time to chill and decompress.

Like many people I tend to get overwhelmed, overworked and just over – it all. In my case it took a couple of deaths and some sicknesses to kick me into submission but it actually helped. Times like those really make you wonder why we spend so much time doing frivolous things.

So at the brink of being burnt out – I just stopped. I paused and took a long deep breath. I meditated, read and reflected on life in general. I learned that I didn’t miss Facebook and I don’t need to spin my wheels days in and day out without a break. I just don’t. What I really need once in a while is time to reconnect to me.

And I’ll tell you what, it was really great.

I found that it gave me clarity on what is valuable in my life and more importantly what isn’t.

So I challenge you to take a break. Close your computer, turn off your social media notifications, pick up a book and get lost. If even just for a couple hours try it. You will thank me but more importantly you will find a little bit more of YOU!

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” ~ Mark Black