When running a business, understanding the value of your employees is important; thinking of them as replaceable can create friction and a lapse in work ethic. Facilitating a productive environment may sound difficult, but the steps you can take are simple and effective. Below are a few ways you can emphasize the individual value of your employees while promoting more productivity in the workplace.

Be Personable

As a leader in your business, you may feel compelled to keep your distance. Remaining aloof and distant could be an effective way to focus on your business’ operations, but it can also serve to isolate you from your employees and discourage them from coming to you with ideas or concerns. Instead, make an effort to engage with your employees; while it would be impossible to expect yourself to remember every minute detail of each employee’s life, showing that you know who they are and what they do is an easy way to demonstrate your appreciation.

By learning what is important to your employees and connecting with them beyond the traditional scope of employer and employee, you can motivate your employees to work harder while also improving your own ability to offer constructive feedback.

Provide Flexibility & Freedom

Monitoring your employees to ensure they complete their work can provide you with a clear look at the time management skills of your team, but it can also cause some distrust and frustration. One way you can promote more productivity is by showing your employees that you trust them to do their jobs. Likewise, restricting things like attire, timelines, and behavior can be detrimental to productivity as it limits the mobility and independence of your employees.

Of course, being selective with the freedoms you permit is essential, as well. It is important to allow flexibility while also ensuring your employees know their responsibilities and expectations.

Incentivize Employees

A great way to motivate your employees is by offering incentives for hard work. Such rewards do not have to be monetary bonuses or public recognition. You can incentivize employees to be more productive by offering to buy lunch, granting additional PTO, or simply writing a handwritten note to celebrate their accomplishments. A small genuine gesture can make a big difference in employee satisfaction and performance.

Focus on Development

One of the most effective ways to encourage employee loyalty and performance is to provide ample opportunities for education and growth. Prioritizing development over simply hiring new recruits shows your employees that you are passionate about their individual growth rather than just the success of the company. With additional opportunities to learn more about your business as well as relevant skills and practices, employees will feel that they are more equipped to handle difficult tasks and projects.