How to gain #Respect from everyone in 30 days - 7 tips that can help

In this age of Influencers, most of them want to become famous. Earn money from brands as influencers. Everyone wants to become a Billionaire. But almost everyone wants to be respected for who they are. It is the secret motivator, common across all human beings.

Gaining a respectable position is a sub-conscious goal for many.

Such people end up doing unnecessary tasks in return for a little bit of respect.

Instead of earning others respect the opposite happens.

So, here’s the question: 

Is it really that difficult to earn a respectable position, at least, amongst our friends?

Not really. But, it does require some amount of dedicated effort from your side.

Listed below are 7 ways to gain respect, from others, when followed sincerely within 30 days:

1. Self-respect: 

Treat yourself right and how you want others to treat you.

In many cases, I have noticed people calling themselves to be an inadequate person. Even if they are correct, it is definitely not the way to earn respect from others. 

So the first step is to give your self a little more consideration and respect. 

Avoid saying – “I’m no good…”, “I was a fool to have done this…”, etc.

Trust me, self-verbal abuse is the biggest crime you are doing to yourself. 

Stop it as soon as you have read this. 

Imagine this, a farmer goes about saying that he is a dumb person, he made all the wrong choices in planting crops, now he is in loads of debt, etc. Would you buy his crop? Even if you do what would be your impression of him? Would you buy his produce out of pity? Would you respect someone whom you are showing pity upon?

This applies to you as well. 

By saying that you are no good you are damaging your chances further.

2. Dress based upon the occasion

First impressions really last long. But respect is earned based upon how you dress for each venue.
Try and wear clean clothes.
Avoid going to the office in party wear, even if casuals are permitted.

The selection in apparels is crucial.

If you feel, you do not have the right clothes, take help of your friends and family. Save money every month just to buy clothes.

An easy trick while saving money is by saving on a daily basis.

For example, if you had to save INR 10,000 in say, two months. So, if you say that you have to save INR 5,000 every month, it might seem slightly hard.

But if you look at it in terms of a day. INR 10,000/60 days = INR 167 approximately per day. That seems slightly easy as you now can plan and cut out things in your daily life.

In case you do not have anyone to help you with buying the right clothes, then follow the suggestions of online e-commerce portals. 

They usually have a apparels only sale every month. Save, Browse offers and Buy the ones you really like.

If you don’t like the above suggestion, search on YouTube for fashion advice. Trust me, there are very good content creators, who can actually show you the right kind of dressing for you.

3. Give respect to others and be kind

The next big step would be staying kind to others.
Give respect before expecting it from others. I would say to stop expecting in the first place but it’s not really possible.

Try to help at least one person every day.

Your helping nature will instil respect for you not just from the person who is receiving the help but from all those who are seeing your kind act.

Just one word of caution.

Help should be given to only those who are really in need of it and not to everyone.

Also, do not overdo the help without taking care of your own works.

4. Stick to your opinions

Attempt to stand by your views at all times.

Do not ever contradict yourself.

It is really essential to be clear about your thoughts and actions.

So think, take your time and form your opinion after analysing as many facts and viewpoints as possible.

5. Get your point across

In group conversations, sometimes we are interrupted and sidelined.

But do not give up just because of that.

Be assertive, put your point forward. If you are not able to do then in the group conversation, write it down and pass it on those in the group. Get your point across if not then even after some time.

Clearly express your point.

Group members would sub-consciously then give you respect for your standpoint and ability to handling interruptions and communication.

6. Set and explain your boundaries

People who do not respect themselves are the ones who are bullied often. 
It is tough to explain to your bullies that you want them to stop bothering you. 

Yet, it is necessary to set boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. 

To do this follow the steps below

Step 1: Take a scrap of paper or a diary and write down at what all instances you were bullied and made fun of. Step 2: Try to find to avoid such incidents. For example, avoid people, places, etc.Step 3: Make it a rule for yourself to avoid themStep 4: If you have an unavoidable situation, just explain to the main bully that you do not want to be troubledStep 5: If people still trouble you, just walk out by giving an excuse and express on the way out that you do not like being bullied like this. 
Step 6: If you can not get out of the place, be calm and respond back only when really needed. Do not react to the nonsense happening

7. Control your emotions and do not ever LIE!

Anger is by far the worst of our sentiments.

It makes us do things which we would not do otherwise. 

Meditate to control your anger. Here is an article which gives you meditation apps that can help.

A 5-minute meditation done any time of the day or whenever you are getting angry can work wonders for you. 
Decisions/Actions taken/done when you are angry will only degrade your position. 
Similarly, handling things when you are calm and by keeping your cool will earn you all the more respect. 
Finally, do not lie. 

All lies are bound to be exposed with time, big or small. 

And when that happens, your respect and credibility will be hit. 
Just 4 things to keep in mind:

  1. Try and avoid lying to others. 
  2. Avoid over-exaggerating things. 
  3. Avoid making up fancy stories. 
  4. Try and be as real as possible. 

This does not mean you will share all your private and confidential stuff with everyone. Just keep a calm and level head at all times. Easier said than done but can definitely be attained. 
Hope the above 7 points help you in gaining that respect which you always wanted. Just follow them for 30 days to see some incredible impact.

Good luck and #StartRespectingYourself