Being respected by your partner doesn’t just come to you like a free voucher card, you have to earn it. It is everyone’s desire to be respected and not taken for granted by the one they love.

Respect is a powerful tool in every relationship. It is one of the major things that keep people happy together. Sometimes, people confuse respect and love as the same thing.

In fact, they are two different things. Love and respect are two key ingredients of a healthy relationship. The following tips will help you to gain respect from your partner;

Treat Your Partner With Respect

Respect, they say is reciprocal. People tend to pay you back in your own coin. An easy way to make your partner respect you is to treat them with respect. Also, be mindful enough to respect yourself.

Let it start with you. You can set an example for your partner by showing them how you want to be treated. Respect is contagious.

Treating your partner with respect will open up a free exchange of respect in your relationship.

Keep Your Promises

Being a man of your word will help you to gain respect with your partner. Meet deadlines. Don’t be late on a date. Keeping to your words is a sure way to earn a good deal of respect from your partner.

Don’t make fake promises, and make sure to fulfil your promises and always act your words. You shouldn’t limit this habit to your relationship alone.

It’s also important to extend it to your workplace and among your friends. It will make your partner see you in a good light and this will automatically earn you their respect.

Be of help when needed

Lovers are to help each other in times of need. Don’t ignore your partner when they need you the most.

Be a shoulder for them to cry on. Be a true companion. Always be there for them when they are going through all life situation. When your partner is happy, be happy with them. When they are sad, grief with them. Share every problem and emotions with them.

Work hard

No one wants an indolent partner. A hard-working fellow is always respected. Ensure that you do well at work and gain more accomplishment.

Give your partner a reason to be proud of you. Give them the opportunity to show you off. You can’t gain your partner’s respect if you are indolent. The hard truth is that no one likes to be associated with a loser.

Your partner wants to look at you and be proud. This will boost your confidence and respect with your partner.

Be vocal

One very good way to gain your partner’s respect is to speak up. People that are vocal always find it easy to gain respect everywhere. You can also apply this to your relationship.

Use your voice. Your partner can’t read your mind. Therefore you have to speak for yourself. When you are offended, let them know. And it’s very important to learn how to communicate with your partner effectively. As this will improve your relationship and help you gain respect from your partner drastically.