Ever notice how some people manage to own the room? Is it a coincidence that people who are perceived as leadership material become leaders? Are the lucky few just born with Executive Presence or is it a skill that you can learn?

The Attempt

Perhaps you’ve read a book, taken training, or watched YouTube tutorials on Executive Presence. You go to implement the advice and you may notice a slight improvement, but none of it leads to the command presence you are looking for.

There may be other times when you are not even trying, but everyone looks to you. Your recommendations are met with nods of approval. Others seek you out to validate their own ideas and propose next steps.

The Mystery

What is going on here? What makes the difference? Is it just random luck that you have no Executive Presence in some situations and loads to spare in others?

Why is the mechanism that generates Executive Presence so elusive?

What if you could simply press a button and generate Executive Presence on the spot? Would that be helpful to your career?

If you don’t understand how Executive Presence is generated, you’re leaving it to chance whether anything you try will work. If you only spend time on how you look, sound, and act, this won’t be enough.

The Method

To generate Executive Presence, people must feel a very specific way about you.

Executive Presence is the ability to inspire confidence that you can lead well in a given situation.

Notice how this is an ever-changing scenario. Each situation may require a different approach. Each group, in fact, each individual in the group, will form their own opinion about how they feel about you. And each person, you, me, or your boss, will have different skills and abilities they can bring to bear.

Once you start to understand what is going on, and how Executive Presence is truly generated, you begin to see why most books, trainings, or video tutorials will not help. Executive Presence is dynamic. A list of to-do’s is not.

So what can you do?

To help those who are wondering what they need to improve their Executive Presence, I’ve created a free tool – the Executive Presence Generator.

It’s simple and gets to the heart of creating Executive Presence. Each time you click the button, a different question is generated. Each question looks at a facet of what creates Executive Presence. To put a finer point on it, each question asks you how you can enter a state of being that will demonstrate your abiity to lead.

Click here to go the EXECUTIVE PRESENCE GENERATOR and follow the 3 EZPZ steps below.

Step 1. Answer the question

Step 2. Enter the state of being needed to lead

Step 3. Enjoy Executive Presence

Remember, your Executive Presence sets the ceiling of your success.

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