A mindful productivity technique for preparing to write or present.

Most professionals find themselves doing quite a bit of writing on a daily basis — formal reports, informal summaries, emails, and a host of other pieces.

Here is a breath sequence / meditation that can be useful for getting into the zone before you begin writing. It’s also great to use to get centered just before you give a presentation.


  • Start with a long spine, either standing or in a comfortable seat.
  • [inhale] Visualize white light entering into your mind’s eye, clearing it out and opening it up. (Your “mind’s eye” is roughly located in the center of your forehead. When you close your eyes and picture a bunny, it’s the place you “see” that bunny.)
  • [exhale] Imagine you can radiate the light from your throat, out into the universe.
  • [inhale] Draw light into the crown of your head and concentrate it there.
  • [exhale] Pull that light down your spine, and into the earth.

Repeat for a few cycles.

This can easily be done in your office and I find it works wonders for keeping me clear-headed while writing or for centering before a presentation.

Originally published at yogiconomist.com.

Originally published at medium.com