Earlier this year, Frances McDormand’s Oscar acceptance speech ended with a call for an “inclusion rider,” intended to increase diversity in Hollywood.

We need this same mentality in Corporate America.

And I don’t just mean that large corporations and men need to create a more inclusive environment.

Women do too.

I have spoken with too many women lately – clients, friends, and former colleagues – who have shared stories with me about “mean girls” at work.

We all know them. Maybe it’s your boss, your peer or even your friend.

This type of woman takes subtle (and sometimes overt) digs at you that make you question your value, your expertise and your worthiness to even speak up and share your ideas.

In these situations, there are two things we as women should do.

First, don’t be THAT woman. Don’t be jealous of another woman’s success. Don’t let your own insecurity turn you into a “mean girl.”

Second, don’t let yourself get affected by this type of BS. And it IS absolutely BS.

If you let this BS get to you, as my client recently told me, you will just keep bashing your head over and over on the glass ceiling.

And no one needs that.

So here’s what you can do.

  1. Realize that moving up the corporate ladder and achieving success is not a zero-sum game. Your success does not come at the expense of someone else’s (and vice versa). There’s enough room for all of us at the table.

  2. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

  3. Quit resenting people who get credit for your ideas or get more attention or praise than you do.

  4. Check your pride and ego at the door.

  5. Let this BS be the fuel to up your game and show up in a new way.

Yeah, I know, that’s A LOT to ask.

It may even seem unfair.

And it’s not always simple or easy.

But it certainly doesn’t need to be SO hard.

If you’re curious about how to do this and thrive at work, particularly when you feel like the cards are stacked against you, we should talk.

You don’t need to feel less than, bullied or like an outsider. You have too much to offer.

Originally published at www.mosaicgrowth.com


  • Elena Lipson

    Principal and Founder, Mosaic Growth Partners

    My 20 years of consulting and coaching experience has afforded me an inside look at how different organizations operate and what it takes to succeed. I spent the majority of my career as a healthcare strategy and change management consultant, serving federal, commercial and non-profit clients and mentoring emerging companies. I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of companies in the digital health and life sciences industry, supporting projects on consumer and patient engagement; telehealth; health and wellness; caregiving and independent living; and innovations in gene therapy, medical devices, rare disease drug development and AI-driven digital therapeutics and diagnostics. In 2015, I founded Mosaic Growth Partners, a consulting and coaching firm based in Washington, D.C., to help my clients develop new solutions for growth. I support clients in the digital health and life sciences industry with strategic and operational planning, commercializing new products and services, and workshop facilitation. I also coach professional women to take control of their careers and build professional lives that are congruent with their personal aspirations and natural talents. For professional women, I offer digital, group and 1:1 executive coaching programs. Prior to founding Mosaic Growth Partners, I led AARP Services' business development efforts in health and caregiving. At AARP, I was responsible for securing strategic partnerships, developing new business models and serving as an innovation champion. In this role, I built deep market knowledge and a strong industry network by working with hundreds of emerging and established companies. I also spent nearly 10 years as a management consultant, primarily with Deloitte Consulting, where I led strategy, human capital and technology engagements for federal health clients and the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. I also led sales and capture strategy, teaming, strategic business development and client excellence for the Department of Defense Military Health System account. I'm a Project Management Professional and a certified Agile Scrum Master. I graduated with a Master of Public Policy from American University and a B.A. in Political Science with High Honors from the University of Michigan.