Would you like to have more power to be your authentic self?
Would you like to feel more contented with life and work?
This book can help to free you from your self imposed limitations and be happy now!

When I ask my clients ask her if it is really possible to change, my response is always the same: If I can, anyone can! And I am so deeply touched by her clients who have profoundly changed their lives – changes that have allowed them to live better, be better and do better. This book offers an opportunity for you to dig deeper, to be curious about yourself and others. It is simply a road map to help you along your way in your life and all that it brings, including the anxiety that surrounds personal change and growth.

What I can tell you is that you cannot be there for other people unless you are there for yourself, and the paradox of knowing yourself is that you understand others better. Consequently, the biggest success for me will be if this book provides you with a space to self-reflect and explore and if, as a consequence, this deeper appreciation of yourself has a ripple effect on those around you and beyond. I have used theories and practices from executive coaching, developmental psychology, spirituality, religion, and neurolinguistic programming to help readers go from learning to application.

Through the use of challenging enquiries and personal stories, this book will provide support and help you to get out of your your self-confidence, and release the upsets and anxieties that are holding you back, this is book for you.I endeavour to encourage you to take the time to develop a deeper self-awareness of your thoughts, emotions and actions. By taking accountability and responsibility, you will overcome whatever is holding you back and be empowered to Get Out of Your Own Way!

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