One of the most important aspects before starting is getting the permits to build a house. The construction permit or construction demonstration (as it is known in most municipalities) is a legal document issued by the authorities of your municipality or mayor’s office where your project is endorsed. The authorities review the plans, the structure, the materials, the measurements, the distribution, among other things, to make sure that it will be a safe construction and that it will be able to be inhabited by your family without any problem.

Permits to build a house

There are different types of permits, depending on the construction you are going to carry out. Building permit Brampton for housing construction are divided into minor work and major work. The minor work is when you are going to build less than 60 square meters, a single level and do not require vertical support. On the other hand, the biggest work is when you build more than 60 square meters, add several floors or spans greater than 4 meters. Also the fences of 2.5 meters or higher are considered major works.

Remember that the permit is not only to build a new construction, you also need one for large renovations, extensions, demolitions or erection of fences. And you have to notify when the work is finished. The documents that you are asked for when you apply for a building permit may vary depending on the type of permit you need and the region where you live. But the basic documents that they will ask you and should have ready are the following:

  • Property deeds:  the name of the owner (or owners) of the land where you are going to work must appear here.
  • An official identification of the owner.
  • Property receipt: it is to verify that you are up to date with the payment of taxes and there is no irregularity.
  • Executive project: these are the plans of the project that you are going to carry out. It must be signed by a work expert.

About the executive project

The executive project is also known as the official plan. When you present it to ask for your permission, it is necessary that it has these elements in order for it to be accepted:

  • Architectural plan and facade with levels
  • Plant set
  • Mezzanine, roof and roof plan
  • Cementation plant
  • Plant location
  • Constructive cut
  • Construction details such as slabs, anchors, ties, foundations, stairs and material specification
  • Hydraulic, electrical, drainage plans
  • Sanitary cut
  • If it is an extension, a plan where the existing and the new to be built is clearly defined
  • Other general specifications

Due to how specific all these requirements have to be, it is best to approach an engineer or an architect to help you with any questions. This document must be signed by a work expert to be more reliable.

Part of the procedures can already be carried out online, so we invite you to look at the government page of your state for the necessary requirements. At building permit Brampton we also help you solve any doubts that may arise.

The building permit has a cost that varies according to the area you are in and what you plan to do, and it is important to have your procedures in order and up to date.

Starting to build without the proper permits can result in a fine and you could run out of resources to finish your work. It is better prevent.

Do you already have the necessary documents to process your building permit?