When you evaluate physical exercise, only the physical benefits come into the picture. It is because they are well-documented. However, the mental benefits associated with regular exercise are also an important part. Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, there has also been an increase in mental health issues. Medical practitioners and counselors believe that the new normal has boosted the number of anxiety and depression cases. Hence, patients must take steps to improve their sleep, ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increase their physical and mental health. Survey reports reveal that four out of five individuals suffer from anxiety. It is because of multiple reasons. The financial losses, loss of a near and dear one, personal relationship problems, isolation, and quarantine, have only added to the difficulty. During these trying times, Brian C Jensen believes individuals have to engage themselves in regular physical exercise to lower their symptoms of poor mental health.

Brian C Jensen asks readers to run

The best way of inspiring yourself is by running. You can express your anger and pent-up emotions when you go jogging and running. It will give you that spirit and encouragement. Echo therapy or outdoor exercise is beneficial in multiple ways. There are research reports which back this anticipation. It works as an antidepressant pill and helps in treating moderate to mild depression. Studies also revealed that outdoor activities like walking and running benefit mental health.

Try Boxing

When thinking about boxing, only a punching bag comes in front of you. However, that is not all. Although it gives a release to your anger and stress, it does other things as well. It gives you an outlet for your aggression for healing and empowerment. When you go for short rounds of punching, it will provide you with intense stimulation. It will release endorphins and thereby add to your balanced life. You can also attend boxing classes online for practice. These are a new trend that is popping up during COVID-19.


You must be aware of the farsighted benefits of yoga by this time. For creating better mental health, you cannot leave out this option. For integrating mind and body, there is no alternative to yoga. There are different programs and postures that you can practice regularly to provide a getaway from your pent-up emotions. It will help you in understanding your mental and physical balance. When you continue to focus on your brain, you instigate happy hormones. These days’ people have realized the significance of yoga, and they practice different types of postures. It is creating a foundation for physical and mental health.

Apart from this, you can also take the help of spin classes. Multiple spin studios are operating like nightclubs. Hence, the attractive atmosphere will give you a much-needed boost. However, you have to make changes in your routine to accommodate fitness classes for the best results.