If you give most young people at college a check for seven thousand dollars, chances are they’ll live the high life for a while and spend it frivolously. A long-term investment is not usually on the agenda.

Brian Adamson was different from most students. When he received his 7k college refund check, he didn’t blow it on parties, designer clothes, and expensive holidays. He made a plan to invest it wisely in real estate. The gamble was rewarded; his initial investment paid out a handsome return. In the process, he also found his life’s true calling – property development.

After graduating, Brian secured employment in corporate America. He worked there for 12 years, but throughout that period, he continued to invest in real estate and garnered an enviable reputation as the “remote house flipper.”

Brian has mastered the fine art of flipping homes remotely without even visiting the property. He has sold millions of dollars of real estate in this fashion and flipped over 100 houses all across America. And it’s all thanks to a particular skill set he has been refining and enhancing for the last decade

Brian, who retired from his corporate role last year at the age of 35, now focuses his time and energies on the two companions he founded and is now CEO of – BBR Education Group and iFlip Homes.

Brian is the first to admit he developed a passion for real estate because he recognized it as a legitimate way to escape the streets and the rat race. He immediately identified it as a source of long-term sustainable wealth with which he could give his wife and daughter the sort of life he feels they deserve.

As a Christian and philanthropist, and someone who has learned that hard way just what a demanding and tricky science house-flipping can be, the man from Detroit, Michigan now feels it’s time to give something back with a global education and mentorship program which offers comprehensive advice on how interested parties can launch their real estate investment career and learn to flip homes like a pro.

From his first tentative steps on the property ladder, Brian has come a long way. The road hasn’t always been easy, and he’s made his fair share of mistakes. Many times on his journey, he always wished there was a little more information about the industry he was working in, which would have saved him from making a lot of expensive mistakes.

The good news for any potential house-flippers out there is Brian is now keen to share his knowledge and pass it on to a new generation of entrepreneurs, which he believes will help them cut through all the noise and give them the edge they need to succeed.


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