That means that every day, for about 8 hours a day, more than half of us spend the day looking at the clock and wishing the time goes faster. We dream that Friday comes and be able to escape from that hell.

But it is also a fact that this does not have to be the case.

I know because I have managed to have the job of my dreams as an entrepreneur, and I have also helped hundreds of my students to have a job they love either through their own businesses or working for companies where they are happy.

And now it’s your turn to discover what your dream job is so you can look for it and start the day bybeing happy with the job that gives you the money you need to live.

3 simple steps to discover the work of your dreams

1. Do not make the same mistakes as others

For starters, forget about everything you’ve learned so far about looking for a job. Most advice on the Internet is pretty bad …

The “experts” in professional careers often give tips as horrible as these:

Tactics like that do not work . I know because when I was looking for my first job – before I became an entrepreneur – I put into practice all those supposed strategies that worked, and guess what?

I was never called from any of the jobs I requested.

That’s why you hear stories from friends or acquaintances who have sent 50 résumés to 50 different companies without anyone giving them an answer (it may even have happened to you as well).

The bad news is that you have probably been following those bad advice all your life. It is not your fault, but you must do something to realize that this is not the right way and that you must change it.

The good news is that since most people follow these horrible advice, if you do things differently, you will be the one who wins and who stands out from the rest of your competitors to get the job of your dreams.

So let other people focus on applying to every job they see, and you focus on the things that really matter .

Things like:

  • Make a storm of ideas to know what is the work of your dreams. That way you will not apply desperately to every offer you see (in step 2 I’ll tell you how to do it).
  • Make sure that this job is the perfect one for you , so you do not waste time going from one job to another looking for what you like the most (in step 3 I show you how to discover it).
  • Know where to look for job offers before they are published (at the end of this article I will tell you the best places to look).

Only by avoiding the same mistakes that others make can you get the job of your dreams instead of jumping from job to job to see which one best suits your skills and talents.

2. Find out what your ideal job really is

The hardest part of getting the job of your dreams is actually knowing what that job is that you are passionate about .

Do you really know right now what it is you want to do for the rest of your life ? Most of us do not know, or we have doubts like:

  • What if the work that I think I like is not really the best for me?
  • What if it’s a job that bores me when I start working on it?
  • What if I like several jobs and I do not know which one to choose?

If you have questions like these and do not know what to do, do not worry: it is natural that all these “what if …?” Come to your mind when you think of choosing the best job for you.

But there is no reason why these doubts and questions prevent you from achieving your ideal job.

In fact at this point I do not want you to choose any job .

To start what I want you to do is to take paper and pencil and write down ALL the jobs that interest you .

  • Do you think public relations sound good? Write it.
  • Are you interested in sports and nutrition? Write down all the jobs that you can think of in that sector.
  • Do your friends say that you are an excellent cook? It’s not crazy, write it too.

Once you have several posts written on your sheet of paper, you can go to LinkedIn and see better what they are about.

You only have to go to the LinkedIn website , register in it (it will not take you more than 5 minutes, it’s free, and it will help you find a job later), and click on the word “Employment” that will appear on the menu .

And when you do, you will be redirected to a page like the one you see in the image below. There you can start writing the names of the jobs you have written , or the functions you would like to perform.

As search results appear you will begin to have a better idea of the jobs that match your interests.

For example: if you are interested in a sales job, and you write the word “sales”, you will see results appear as sales executive or trainer and business development. If those job titles appeal to you, add them to your list as well.

There are a couple of things you should remember when you expand your list:

  1. You are not committing to anything at this stage. What you are doing is looking for options that may interest you, and later it will be when you have to decide if you want to work on that or not.
  2. Nothing happens if technically you are not qualified for that job. Most employers usually ask for between 3 and 5 years of experience, but that is only to scare the candidates. The level of experience should not worry you in this step.

Once you have done this, make sure you have at least 10 jobs listed on your paper. In the next step is where you will choose what is the use of your dreams.

3. Check what tasks you should perform in each job

Have you ever got a job that seemed wonderful, but at the beginning you realized it was a nightmare ?

You can not imagine the lawyers, architects, or marketing professionals I know who started their jobs thinking it was the job of their dreams and two weeks later they realized they hated it .

That’s why what I want is that you look for offers of the jobs that you have written, and read their descriptions carefully . With this you can learn a lot about whether that may be your ideal job or not.

If when reading that description there are phrases like “take on projects” or “creativity” that seem boring to you , or you read that you should know how to control a program and you do not have knowledge about it or want to learn to manage it, then that job is not the best for you .

So cross it out of your list .

The description of your ideal work has to excite you, motivate you to think “that’s what I would really like to do and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get it”.

Probably when you read most descriptions of the jobs you wrote down in step 2, you will say to yourself ” I have ZERO interest in this ” for most of your choices.

That is good! It is better now to eliminate jobs that do not inspire you than to start working on them and realize that you have made a big mistake.

When doing this exercise you should not stop too much to read each description: just look at it and ask yourself if you could see yourself doing that every day in 5 years.

Once on your list you have been left with only a couple of jobs, congratulations: you have managed to discover what is the job of your dreams!

How to find the job of your dreams and get hired

Once you’ve discovered what your dream job is, it’s time to start looking for offers to get hired.

But there is a problem: today the search for employment has changed. Strategies that used to go directly to the company to deliver the curriculum or apply through an employment portal no longer work.

Now many job offers are hidden in social networks and other Internet sites.

That is why here at Gananci we have created a guide in which you will learn step by step how to find employment with these new methods: 6 steps to look for work on the Internet that you do not know .

It is very important that you read that article well if you really want to know where the offers are now hiding to find your dream job , and what steps you should take to stand out among the other candidates.