I was reading three different articles about doing the right things to have success in your goals. I realized that instead of helping they were making everything more confusing. Not because the approaches were bad. They just don’t work for me.

I fing it kind of curious they all talked about being able to do things from anywhere, which resonated with me. Because of my health I cannot follow a structured routine. But I seriously don’t thing people are going to pay me for telling them I’m in Hawaii. So I put all the articles down, and started taking notes.

Now for me taking notes isn’t the typical approach of writing down all that is said. It’s more like brainstorming on paper. When I looked at what I wrote I realized that i had a plan for creating a way of life. Not driving myself insane following trends and looking at charts. Not feeling like a failure because i failed this test or another.

To get real, I think people will pay me if I can help. Help with solutions that speak to them. I think interpersonal relationships are the most difficult and rewarding to master. And I believe that to help another person I have to feel it resonates with me first. Can that happen? I believe so. But it takes the willingness to look inside and pull out the weeds.

Pulling out the weeds is painful and not pleasant. But it’s the only way some people are able to move forward. Because there are so many approaches, other people may find they can work better with another method. This is fine. The only way I can move forward, though, it’s by being willing to look at the ugly and get rid of it. From there I can move on.

Getting rid of the ugly doesn’t mean getting rid of people. It means getting rid of false beliefs, and wrong ideas, and behaviors that lessen me rather than lift me up. Living in such a way I can sleep peacefully at night. Breaking unspoken codes and getting work done that feels hard, and painful, but that gives you peace of mind.

I found this approach to make the most sense and be the most helpful. I can’t help another person if I can’t help myself. Being willing to face the things that are hard for me to deal with is something essential. Granted, it’s painful. But it makes me more resilient and more resourceful. Also, it makes me more compassionate. I want to help find solutions, not put anybody down. Help others look inside of themselves and start doing the work that will help them move forward.