When I ask women business owners what the biggest thing holding them back from getting publicity is, the thing that comes up time and again is a fear of putting themselves out there.

Often people are scared of the idea of getting visible and being featured in the press, because they’re worried about having to promote themselves in used-car-salesman kind of way. Or they’re scared of opening themselves up and showing their vulnerabilities, of sharing their story with strangers.

This is something I can totally identify with.

I’m definitely on the more introverted end of the scale. I’m really not someone who likes to shout loudly about what I’m doing.

And yet, as someone who has seen the huge impact getting featured in the press can have on a business, I know how important publicity is.

So it’s something I’ve started focussing on a lot more for my own business, and of course, it’s something I encourage all my clients to embrace wholeheartedly, even if the idea scares them.

The good news is, it’s perfectly possible to get publicity for your business in a way that feels good to you.

1. If you’re an introvert, use it to your advantage 

Whether you’re an introvert or not, you can take inspiration from self-confessed introvert entrepreneurs who are totally rocking it and doing business their way. Beth Buelow, Founder of The Introvert Entrepreneur, is a hugely successful author, speaker and coach. She has had loads of media coverage as someone who is an introvert, and says she won’t let it hold her back: “I am an introvert before I’m an entrepreneur. Being an introvert came before entrepreneurship, and it will remain with me when, someday, I move on to a new adventure. Therefore, honoring that part of myself is paramount.”

2. Come from a place of service

If I could give you one piece of advice when you’re pitching journalists and editors, it’s to come at it from a place of service. Firstly, get clear on why you want publicity for your business. Most likely you have a product or service that can help people, make their lives easier, or bring them joy in some way. Getting featured in the press will enable you to help more people, make more lives easier and bring more joy. So you don’t need to feel ‘icky’ about promoting your business. You’re doing good in the world and need to use the tools you can to reach more people.

3. Be helpful

Following on from coming from a place of service, if you can think about how you can help the journalist or editor rather than how they’re going to help you, you will have a lot more success. Make journalists fall in love with you by helping them out with an expert comment or with some information for their article. Or writing a really useful ‘how to’ piece or a ‘top tips’ guide. Or sharing an inspiring story that you know their readers are going to love.

4. Try these mindset tricks

If you’re feeling anxious about putting yourself out there, try some of these mindset tips:

  • Remind yourself why you rock – make a list of the things that make your awesome
  • Read love notes – spend some time reading over client testimonials or nice messages from your tribe
  • Claim your expert status – feel more confident about speaking to the press by making a list of what makes you an expert
  • Repeat affirmations – jot down some positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself, e.g. I am sharing my message to help those who need it
  • Take action – stop thinking and start doing. Commit to taking action on one thing this week – writing a press release, submitting a guest article, connecting with a journalist, researching a publication – and JFDI!

How do you feel about getting visible and putting yourself out there? Leave a comment and let me know. And if you’d like help to get started with getting out there, why not download my free PR & Content Planner.